Sketchup Illustration & Similar Work



I think this is done now, otherwise I will never finish as usual!


I like the striated terrain style - suits the model well.


I was playing around with a model from the 3D warehouse but things got a bit out of hand. Almost 20 hours later…
I based some of the design elements on some original sketches I have by Ron Cobb so some aspects differ from the movie version. I know it’s the wrong license plate too but ive always liked this one better than the later version.

The whole thing was drawn again in Illustrator and Photoshop with my tablet. If you are wondering about the style its based on the fantastic work of “Neon Rising” by Josan Gonzalez’s that I bought last year. You can read the first chapter for free here


Bit more work this weekend


Where did you get so long weekends? :wink:


Ahha indeed! This is probably 30 hours spread out however.


Oh, you’re in Illustrator, not Photoshop. Is the DeLorean all vectored art?


No it’s a mix of SketchUp and Photoshop. I made a sketch in Photoshop of how the character would be posed and then imported it into illustrator as a flat jpg to draw the actual character on top in Vector, then it all goes back into Photoshop.

I still have a lot to do but the idea is that it will be the intro to my website as a GIF perhaps:


Finished, it looks the same as the last post but there are many hours of touch ups and cleaning up.

Sketchup, Photoshop (and Illustrator for the character).

I have used it an an opener for my website:


Some more stuff from this week


This weeks sketch finished



Some work in progress from the weekend.


Finished this on the tram back from work today


After 350 days at my new job I can finally show a piece of work!

Everybody knows how much I love space and I was lucky enough for my last project of 2018 to design the paint scheme for a special ‘Space Edition’ Volvo truck (with the help of my colleagues).

Volvo is celebrating 10 years in Kaluga the home of Sputnik and one of the birthplaces of spacetravel so I thought it was fitting to have it on the side!

Originally the design was a 3D model I had built in SketchUp and rendered in Keyshot with a mirrored finish like the real Sputnik, however it was not really working so I went back to using SketchUp and line art. In the end I remade the whole thing again in Illustrator but all based on the original SketchUp key art.

Here is a press shot.


That is some seriously heavy weight modelling job (not to mention the rocket) - did you do it all yourself?


Oh this is a photo sorry! I dont have permission to post any models or final art.

For this project only the spunik, soyuz and waves were modelled. The linework from SketchUp was then used as a base in Illustrator.


So you used your low poly model to form the line art?


So just to clarify, for this project I did not use any SketchUp models of the truck, the model was only of the waves and the Sputnik then taken into illustrator.

On separate projects I have built a lot of our vehicles in SketchUp.