My showcase: SketchUP movies

Hello SketchUp users,

 I'm **Leo** and I want to show you my humble and simple projects I've made with SketchUP. But first, I want to apolgise if the topic is not created properly or posted in the right place. If is there any problems with its content or links, I can delete it right away!

 My first contact with SketchUP was back in 2010 and after 2 years I discovered the 3D Warehouse. After all these years I consider myself as being an intermediate user. I didn't modeled too much by myself, I did composed alot though. Even so, I have some models made 100% made by me and unpublished on 3D warehouse but most of my work is enhanced with some other models from other users to create my sceneries. 
 In the next lines I'll show you my work with SketchUP, and the direction I followed using only this software. It may sound crazy, it may look weird but this is what I've acomplished (I forgot to say that what I've created in colaboration with other friends it's published under the name of Eclipse Studios - don't ask me why I chose this name)

My first big project started in 2013, “Journey through space and time”. A journey from our planet Earth and to the edge of our cosmos. Inspider by a National Geographic documentary, I have begun to make my own planets, stars and put them together in a 38 minute long video. Of course the result wasn’t a masterpiece but it was my first project and I liked it sooo much. Right after that I continued with another project, “Titanic Animation”, “Independence Day” (adaption of Independence Day {1996} directed by Roland Emmerich) and another project about universe “Space - A Time Odyssey” which was abandoned due to technical problems (my computer broken irremediably). Only a trailer was released.
Now I’m doing huge effort to possibly afford a proper computer for the kind of work I like to do.
I’ll leave here a link to my website and my Youtube channel. If you ever have some 2 minutes to spare, you can take a look at what I do. Feedback is welcomed.
Thank you so much for your friendly welcome!!!

My YouTube Channel:
My little website: