SketchUp and macOS Sierra



Good to know.

Have you had any other compatibility/usability issues with the switch to Sierra? (outside of SU)


So far, no, though I’ve seen a list on MacWorld of various problems that individual people have had (sorry, can’t find the link any more…). These seem to be isolated cases not a widespread pattern and there are workarounds, but that is little comfort if your system falls victim to one of them!


Will definitely search for reported compatibility issues with my other major apps and peripherals before upgrading.

Thanks for the report.


I wish I had know thats sketchup was not supported before downloading Sierra. What can I do to fix my Layout issues now?


The last maintenance release of SU 2016 and all versions of SU 2017 are compatible with Sierra. Older versions of SketchUp will have various problems.


To have this last maintenant release, we need to download Sketchup again or just look for update in the windows menu ? Also that release fix the antialiasing issue on Mac ? Thanks


You need to download the maintenance release. It overwrites the prior release of the same SU version. The “check for update” item is on the SketchUp menu.

I’m not sure I know for sure what you mean by “the antialiasing issue”, but I don’t think there has been any change in this regard.


Hello, actualy I have the 17.0.18898 of Sketchup pro with El Capitan everything work find except the resolution…
So, If I update to Sierra, Sketchup will need a release update ? because actualy the menu “check for uptade” told me that SU is the last update…
Should I wait for a new release from Sketchup before take Sierra ? Thanks in advance !


That is the current version, and what I’m using under Sierra.

The antialiasing issue is still true, and I think we still haven’t heard from the SketchUp team about it. @slbaumgartner, under the 2016 version lines can be nicely antialiased, using a Ruby function because the Mac version doesn’t have a preference setting for it. With the 2017 version the antialiasing Ruby command is being ignored, all lines are jaggy.


Ah! I knew that but it is an unsupported function that leaked out. I assumed we were talking about the official interface, which has never exposed antialiasing on Mac.


I’m under the impression that Test.set_AA_method(4) will ‘hold’ per OS session for multiple SU sessions, but will only affect exports in SU v17 [including M1] as it’s been disabled for the Display…



Well, they should fix that. It continues to work well in 2016, and there are no errors when you use it in 2017 (the get function shows the updated value), but the lines remain jaggy.


Is this really the case? I have the latest Sierra and the latest Sketchup 2017. But it appears that Sketchup hangs on closing. CPU goes wild and I have to do a force quit always. Any one else experiencing this?


I see exactly what you’re describing, but just with 2016, not with 2017. Are you sure about which one you opened?


Sketchup Pro Version 17.1.173



Hi, need help. I have SU Pro15. Start having problem after installing Sierra. specially with Layout and exporting 2D and 3D. When I send to layout the wheel keeps spinning forever. I use SU only for doing conceptual work so I am not and expert in using it. Thanks


Hi Konaswimmer-

Yes, you’re going to have issues with SU 2015 on Sierra. SketchUp itself may run ok, but LayOut will have a number of issues as detailed in the first post of this thread. You’ll also experience the issues listed in the “SketchUp and El Capitan” thread.

If you want to have a version of SketchUp that officially supports Sierra, you’ll need to use the latest maintenance release of 2016 or the newly released 2017.


SU 2016 SU 2017 & macOS Sierra?

Hi, Community,

I had a Yosemite and was using Sketchup Make 2016 - never had any issues. Now I updated my MacOs to Sierra 10.12.1 and Sketchup Make 2017. Since then I cannot even open the Sketchup. Overtime I try, it automatically crash down and Bugsplat reporter give me a lovely smile. I tried to put trial version of Sketchup Pro 2017, it was working good at the beginning, but after ~ 1 hour of work became extremely slow.

Any advices?



If SketchUp Make runs, then you know that your system is supported and is capable of running SketchUp. That implies that there’s an issue with the installation - perhaps a Ruby extension?

I looked in our BugSplat database but didn’t see anything with your username on it. If you submitted the BugSplat reports with an email address or name on them, let me know and I will look them up.



Last login: Wed Jan 4 17:36:31 on ttys000
UABs-MacBook-Pro:~ uabdiprintas$ /Applications/SketchUp\ 2017/ ; exit;
-bash: /Applications/SketchUp 2017/ cannot execute binary file
Saving session…
…copying shared history…
…saving history…truncating history files…
Deleting expired sessions…none found.