SketchUp and macOS Sierra



Here’s another workaround that the knowledge team is testing.

  1. Rename your existing “/Applications/SketchUp 2016” folder to something else.
  2. Create a new “/Applications/SketchUp 2016” folder
  3. If you don’t already have a copy of the 2016 SketchUp installer, download one.
  4. Double-click on the installer.
  5. In the window that opens, double-click on the “SketchUp 2016” folder in the installer.
  6. Copy the three applications to your desktop (SketchUp, LayOut, Style Builder)
  7. Run each of them once from the desktop.
  8. Copy the app bundles to the folder you created in step 2

This series of steps will trigger Sierra to clear the quarantine flag.

LayOut won't open files

I have almost the same issue. Crashing while labelling with leader. It sometimes hangs and sometimes give a bug splat. No problem if labelled outside model, no problem with dimension and label without leader. I am using Sketchup Pro 15 on Sierra

Send to Layout is "greyed out" on Mac after Sierra install

When using the “Send to layout” link in SU (under the file menu) Layout will hang indefinitely once I have chosen a template.

If I open layout then insert a drawing it seems fine.

Having installed the updated version of SU, it now seems the ‘Send to Layout’ option is permanently faded and can’t be used?


Hanging when you’re trying to open a template is a sign that you may not be running the newest version of LayOut. We released a mac-only maintenance version to fix text-related issues on Sierra, and that was one of the symptoms.

If “Send to LayOut” is greyed out, try the install steps I give about four posts up. Or you can run the following command in the terminal: “xattr -d” (for all of the app bundles - not just LayOut).


Hi Mark, I’m on Sierra (why oh why do I jump on these new releases before I read this forum) Luckily, I’ve found no bugs yet. I’m woking on SU Pro. and am working on several projects. Fingers crossed. I do have an issue that I reported on with Section Cut Face and Super Section that baffles me. Please check that topic out that I just wrote if you think you might be able to help.

Tom Simmons


I am waiting to upgrade to Sierra and to update Sketchup until all problems are resolved. Please advise at the proper time and in what order that should be done. (Sierra-SketchUp or SketchUp-Sierra)


Speaking from experience, not as a voice of Trimble (I do not work for them), you can be reasonably comfortable that any update of SketchUp that claims to be OK for Sierra will also run correctly on prior versions of OS X. So it would be safe to update SketchUp first. As to timing, Trimble never announces release dates in advance. So just keep an eye out for any updates to 2016 and for the release of 2017, which if the past few years are typical will be in a few weeks.


Hi Fred-

Unless you have a compelling reason to upgrade, I’d give it another month. My personal philosophy for version upgrades is that it’s always safest to wait for the first maintenance release before upgrading. Especially for a professional user, I’d recommend waiting to upgrade until you have a lull in business (Thanksgiving or Christmas break, perhaps) on the rare chance that you have upgrade issues and can’t use your machine for a few days.

When you do upgrade to Sierra, I would recommend upgrading SketchUp first, then Sierra. That way you’ll be able to identify any issues with SketchUp without it getting mixed up with any potential Sierra issues.



Thank you Marc! This solved a heart-stopping problem for me and I can deliver my project to my client on time!


thank you


Well, 10.12.1 (first maintenance update of Sierra) was released today…are you seeing any change in any of the outstanding problems?


Yup! no crashing of layout while labelling… it saved a lot of money :smiley:


Hi, I am Doug.
I have been using Sketchup 2015 for a couple of years, got a new 16GB Mac Pro a year ago.
Had problems with the secondary clicking. was told to upgrade to Sierra and have the same problem with Labelling and also the Zoom tool.


I’m having some very annoying problems now that I’ve installed Sierra. Almost every time I close a file, Sketchup will crash. It happens when it is the last file open and when I reopen Sketchup my shortcuts are forgotten. I’ve reset my shortcuts about 5 times today. Any suggestions or work arounds would be greatly appreciated.


I have not yet upgraded to Mac Sierra. I just now received an invitation to upload SketchUp 2017. Can I safely upload SketchUp 2017 while using El Capitan? I am willing to wait if that is advisable.


Yes you can. Of course there is no way of knowing if there is not a bug or two to be fixed (which can happen with the PC version as well), but you should be good to go.


SketchUp 2017 is tested on and fully supported by El Cap.

However, my personal opinion is always that people should wait for the first maintenance release of any software before upgrading.


Of course, @Marc there is a paradox in what you say: if everyone waited, there would be no feedback about issues and therefore no need for a maintenance release :smirk:


That’s good news.

I skipped the 2016 upgrade because I made the mistake of buying 2015 the day it was released, and so missed out on the automatic update by two weeks.

Planning to upgrade to 2017 and eventually to Sierra, but happy to know that those can be independent upgrades (with full SU support of El Capitan).

Will probably wait till the first maintenance release —as you suggest— before moving forward.


By the way, I am running SU 2017 Pro on Sierra 10.12.1, so far with no issues that I can attribute to the combination (as opposed to ones that are also present on other versions of OS X).