Sketchup all of a sudden not Loading. Not responding


I am using Sketchup 2017 on windows. I have been using it fine for the past couple of months. However now everytime I try to load up the programme, it becomes unresponsive. Loading wheel and Sketchup Pro 2017 (Not Responding). This only started last night, until then it was fine. I’ve not installed any addition plugins during the past few weeks either.

So i double click to open Sketchup. It opens the Sketchup workspace and this is the point when it come unresponsive. Something cached that needs deleting?

Any ideas what may be causing this problem?

My computer is new and has been running the software and Vray fine. It’s i7-7700 4.2ghz cpu with a GTX 1070 graphics card.

UPDATE: Working now after a system restore.

maybe the latest W10 ‘Creators Update’ to version 1703, installing the recent nVidia GeForce driver should fix.

Recent WIndows 10 automatic updates are causing havoc:

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