SketchUp 2021 Crashing and won't reopen

It has been quite a while since anyone has tried to solve this issue, and from what I have been reading on I am not the only one with the same issue.

It did work shortly after installation, after two or three days it crashed and I have not been able to run 2021 at all. I can still use 2020. I use Sketchup for my practice on a daily basis. I work for the County of Los Angeles Parks and Recreation as their inhouse Landscape Architect and use Sketchup and Lumion to present my Park designs. I also use it in my private practice and when I teach at UCLA in their Landscape Architecture Program.

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Tried this it did not work

Has anyone suggested deleting the SketchUp settings files and letting SketchUp recreate them? @colin could tell what their names are and where to find them. As SketchUp worked first and then started crashing, corrupt preferences might be the reason.

I would be willing to try anything

Hi, I had the same crashing issues on Sketchup Pro 2021 and it happened as soon as I selected the Brick texturing tool. I might have found a work around, I ran Sketchup through TERMINAL.

Applications>>Sketchup 2021 Folder>>Sketchup File (show package contents)>>Contents Folder>>MacOS>>Sketchup File (run with Terminal).

Hi all.

I struggled for days with the same crashing pattern: SU silently (no bugsplat) died during the opening of the software, after clicking the welcome screen (new file or any file, even a simple test file).

None of the suggestions posted in this thread helped fixing the issue.

I thought I mention here that, disabling the second screen did!

Here are my observations, maybe it helps the developer team?:

  • SU window at startup was resized to larger than a single screen. Parts of the window was hanging into the second screen.
  • I noticed randomly crashes and non-crashes when I experimented with swapping the primary screen and with opening SU on the non-primary screen.
  • screen scaling did not seem to have an effect.
  • With my previous two-screen setup I have been struggling for a while with missing SU floating trays. especially when monitors are turned on and off during SU sessions.

PS: this is my setup:
Dell precision 3630 Tower
PC windows11 Pro, version 10.0.22000 Build 22000,
Nvidia Quattro1000, latest driver
Sketchup Pro 2021, version 21.1.332 63-bit
Dell widescreen U3415W, 3440x1440
Wacom touchscreen tablet Cintiq pro 16"

SketchUp 2021 might not be totally compatible with Windows 11.
I remember from previous threads Dell users having similar problems with multiscreen setups. They had had better luck after totally disabling integrated Intel graphics in the Device Manager. You might also try updating the Intel graphics driver from the Intel website. You might also look for available firmware updates from Dell.

As always, your help and comments are very much appreciated!
Dell has indeed installed a custom graphic card driver and warn against the ‘generic’ ones from Dell.
By the way, I had the same quirks with windows 10 before the windows 11 install a fortnight ago.
I also experience Nvidia kernel error 3 subclass 2 occurring often… And my space mouse fails every now and then.

It feels that one resolve becomes a fail in another part of the system…

As yours is a desktop system I see no reason for using Dell customized graphics drivers. Usually the computer vendors don’t even supply them for longer than a year or two after the model is released. I have had no adverse effects on various computer models for installing drivers directly from Nvidia, AMD or Intel.

I have spent over two years trying to figure out this issue. Main problem is that we’ve never been able to make one of our PCs fail in this way, but I have a spreadsheet of information of customer machines that have had the problem. Most of them are using a docking station to be able to connect to two monitors. It’s unusual not to see a bugsplat.

If at some point you plan on upgrading your computer, let me know. I would try to get us to buy your old computer.

BTW, SketchUp seems to work ok in Windows 11.

Hi Colin.
I am not really planning to upgrade (my entire office setup is only1.5 years old), but if it is cost neutral for me, I`d willing to make hardware changes.
Generally, I am very keen helping you so that you can help me and others in this situation :slight_smile:
How can I best be part of sketchup improvements? Videochat with remote PC control? Feel free to contact me privately over email if you wish to explore that.

Regarding monitor setup:
The Wacom Cintiq 16 pro is indeed using a sort of port. They call it a ‘link adaptor’ . Watch details here: connection options wacom cintiq 16 pro to computer.
There is an alternative way to plug the Cintiq monitor in without the link adaptor - I have not explored that yet (because of a second cable sticking into the tablet…which I didnt like from a style and usability perspective), but I will!

The main reason why I decided to go with a pen display is to ease my discomfort on my ‘mouse finger’ and to sketch paper-free (I am an architect).
I noticed that touch and pen functionality works ONLY when the wacom is set up as “make this my main display” in windows display settings.
Consequently, Sketchup is displayed on the Dell second monitor at eye height (no bending down; for ergonomics). I think problems with Sketchup occur when I intermittently switch the wacom off and on during my work day. Quirks include: trays disappearing, scaling issues (see attached example of SU

welcome screen)

Regarding Dell:
My Dell computer is equipped with Dell optimisation software … I have 0% a clue what it does… hope it does not impact the SU problems?

Thanks for your reply and interest in the case, Colin