SketchUp 2021 Crashing and won't reopen

It has been quite a while since anyone has tried to solve this issue, and from what I have been reading on I am not the only one with the same issue.

It did work shortly after installation, after two or three days it crashed and I have not been able to run 2021 at all. I can still use 2020. I use Sketchup for my practice on a daily basis. I work for the County of Los Angeles Parks and Recreation as their inhouse Landscape Architect and use Sketchup and Lumion to present my Park designs. I also use it in my private practice and when I teach at UCLA in their Landscape Architecture Program.

Perla Arquieta ASLA PLA

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Tried this it did not work

Has anyone suggested deleting the SketchUp settings files and letting SketchUp recreate them? @colin could tell what their names are and where to find them. As SketchUp worked first and then started crashing, corrupt preferences might be the reason.

I would be willing to try anything

Hi, I had the same crashing issues on Sketchup Pro 2021 and it happened as soon as I selected the Brick texturing tool. I might have found a work around, I ran Sketchup through TERMINAL.

Applications>>Sketchup 2021 Folder>>Sketchup File (show package contents)>>Contents Folder>>MacOS>>Sketchup File (run with Terminal).