SketchUp 2021 Crashing on Mac OS

Hello All,

I recently discover the bug with bucket tool/materials icon on the new 2021 Sketchup Pro, and I need some HELP! Since the first crash I have not been able to open the app. Side note, the only reason I DL the 2021 version was due to the fact 2020 crashed and completely disappeared/removed itself from my Mac HD, no where to be found…??? Another side note, I have not and do not experience any problems with my mac or other apps.

I’ve gone through the forums on this “2021 known issue”, I’ve applied everything I read, plus some additional steps with no avail.

I don’t have a .plist file for sketchup (searched all files with “sketchup in the name”), I’ve restarted, uninstalled, reinstalled, cleared cache, deleted downloaded materials, renamed the projects I was working on, I’ve moved, copied, duplicated, opened in several different ways, updated Catalina OS, etc. I don’t run any password protection on applications, nor am I asked when installing, I’m the only user.

I still have the same problem, cant open, immediately crashes.

The fact that this was discovered in beta testing and was not remedied and still put out for public use is ridiculous, and has completely screwed me. I have several projects due today 12/18/20, all which have been started in version 2021 that I can no longer access or open.

I’ve reached out to the Sketchup Team with ZERO response or assistance. I’d expect better for a subscription service…

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, thank you!

-Ryan Slayer

Going to go over this on the phone.

For anyone dropping by, Ryan does have a variation of the issue I wrote about in the Known Issues section, but it’s one of the tougher variations. The usual fixes didn’t cure 2021 completely. As a work around it’s possible to open the deeply embedded SketchUp ‘exe’, and so I put an alias to that on to the desktop.

Ryan will save out a 2020 version of the important files, in case 2021 is reluctant later on.

I will update my known issues article to add something about the ‘exe’ work around.

Thank you Colin for contacting me on the phone and helping to get this sorted out! Super helpful, got me up and going again! Thanks!

Colin was able to get me a work around so I could save my files in the 2020 version, this way I can work on my projects in that version.