Force quit unexpected shut down

can anyone help me with this or how to fix it? using 2021 version on a MacBook Pro 2020-2021

Be sure to submit a “bugsplat” report if you are offered the chance to do so. What were you doing in SketchUp (or what do you think that SketchUp was doing) when the crash occurred?

Hello I’ve submitted so many bug reports but to no avail. I was taking a course so it was my very first time building a 3d model and I was changing the color for the first time when the problem occurred I have not been able to use sketch up since

There were some troubles with the first release and the location it was installed on some machines.
Best to remove the current install, empty the trash and than download and install the latest.

thank you! I will try this as a solution, will be back soon with an update

If that doesn’t help, you might wanna remove some SketchUp related .plist files in the user Preferences:

The crash report you showed does confirm that it is the known issue. If the steps Mike pointed to don’t solve everything, the next things to try deleting are these two files:


and this folder:

~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2021

In each case you can copy the text I gave, and use the Finder’s Go menu Go to Folder… and paste in that path to get to the right files. In the case of the SketchUp 2021 folder, you would come up one level (command-up arrow will do that) so that you can delete the folder itself.

When you open SketchUp again it will recreate those files and folders.

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this solution fixed my problem I am now able to access sketch up!