Fixing crashes caused by an unusual install location of SketchUp on Mac

SketchUp 2021.0.1 included a change to take care of an issue that some Mac users were seeing. Since then we have found that a high percentage of users who experienced that crash are running SketchUp from a location that isn’t the intended one. For example, over half of the people who submitted this particular crash are running SketchUp from the disk image file.

Another set of people have copied SketchUp to an unconventional location. Some of those locations will not have given SketchUp the right kind of permissions that it needs.

Lastly, macOS is quarantining SketchUp on some systems. That may occur if there was an earlier crash caused by either of the two other examples, and so you may have SketchUp in the right location by now, but macOS still recalls the earlier problem, and is running SketchUp from a deeply buried private folder.

If you are reading this topic because your bugsplat report suggested this link, these are the steps to do in order to correct the issue:

  1. Make sure SketchUp, LayOut, and Style Builder are all closed.

  2. If SketchUp 2021 is installed on your computer’s drive already, delete the SketchUp Pro 2021 folder by dragging it to Trash. Empty Trash.

  3. To make sure you have the latest update for SketchUp 2021, click on this link:

  1. After the download finishes, double-click on the latest SketchUpPro dmg file from your Downloads folder to open it, if your browser didn’t automatically do that for you.

  2. In the window that appears, drag the SketchUp 2021 folder icon on to the Applications folder icon.

  3. After the files have copied over, eject the disk image by right-clicking in the window itself and choosing the eject option, or from the Finder’s File menu.

  4. Go into Applications, SketchUp 2021, and open SketchUp.

The icon for SketchUp will appear, and bounce in the Dock. If you see other blue SketchUp 2021 icons also in the Dock, drag those away from the Dock to remove them. They are most likely still pointing to the older folder location.

If these steps do not fix the crashing issue, contact support for further assistance:

Does ‘sharing info when it crashes’ with Apple has influence on this?

I’ve installed Sketchup & Layout on a usb connected SSD. Following a new download, per Colin’s post, I dragged a copy of each to the new HD. I found that if you then open sketchup & layout from the SSD the mac will run both files better than before. Choose the option, “keep in dock” and open them from there only. The mac did try, once or twice, to open the copy in the applications folder but the dock will tip you off if that’s happening.

What you’re describing is the opposite of my suggestions, but there could be a good reason to work that way (mainly, that you get SSD performance instead of hard drive performance). If you directly drag the SketchUp 2021 folder from the DMG to an external SSD, that may not go through the same permissions steps that copying to Applications goes through. But, if you have no problems you are good to go, and as you say the Dock icon will open the SSD version.

If by going from DMG to SSD you do see some crashing, one thing to try is to get it going at the slower HDD speed from Applications, then copy the Applications/SketchUp 2021 folder to the SSD. It should have gone through all the permissions steps by then.

I have tried all of this and nothing has worked. Its still crashing as soon as I open and I can access any of my files. is there a number sketchy can be contacted on for Tech support?

I believe this one has a different cause:

Crash #128085

My bugsplat suggested this link, and I followed your steps carefully but they did not work for me. I don’t believe I fall under any of the usual circumstances suggested in your post. I would contact support, but I don’t have a serial number because I am still on the trial. But why would I purchase now just for support, when I can’t even get it to work? I was in the middle of a big project that is time sensitive when suddenly it crashed and it will not fire up again even after multiple reboots and reinstalls. I would have purchased it at the end of the trial, but if it isn’t going to work I need to ditch sketchup now and start over with a different software. Please help out.

I have your 23 bugsplats, thanks.

Your situation is the one that comes after the other suggestions I made, but you’re right in wondering how to contact support if you’re using the 30 day trial. A way around that is to use the customer service contact page, and they would have forwarded your message to tech support.

You don’t need to do that though, I will send a message direct to you to let you know how to fix SketchUp. In the forum page, look in the upper right, where your:


is located. In a moment there will be a green circle with a 1 in it, that’s the message I’m about to send.

Hi There, after my SKP Pro 2021 Trial version crashes, I can relaunch it without bugsplat window via HD/Application/Sketchup 2021/Contents/Sketchup and then right click and choose open with terminal.
Other ways aren’t working…

Did you send in any bugsplats, with your name or email in them? If not, can you make it crash now and send in a new one?

Sorry, but it was too difficult to use it this way. I’ve uninstalled it.

I try a reinstall but it was the same, the problem stays, so I uninstall again and use another software.