Crash #675049, anyone can help?

Crash #675049, anyone can help? My app keep asking to reopen, I use macOS Ventura. Thanks in advance

Your profile says you are using SketchUp Free Plan which is web based and it also says you are using SketchUp 2021. What version are you really using? If you are really using SketchUp 2021 Pro, it could be that it’s due to an OS conflict since SketchUp 2021 doesn’t support Ventura.

I can tell a couple of things from your bugsplat, thanks for sending it in.

macOS has quarantined SketchUp, which usually happens if SketchUp was run from the wrong location. For example, if it was run from the installer disc image.

There is a way to convince macOS that the application is safe, but before trying that there is another thing I noticed.

The version of SketchUp 2021 you’re using is an older one. You could download the latest version, copy the folder from the disc image to Applications, then make sure to run SketchUp from inside its Applications folder. Hopefully macOS will see that as a new version, and won’t keep it quarantined like it had with the old version.

Here is the disc image file to download:

Once that is in your Downloads folder, double-click on the SketchUpPro-dmg file to mount the disc image. In the window that appears, drag the SketchUp 2021 folder onto the Applications folder alias, to copy the folder across. If a message says there is an older version, let Finder replace the old one.

After the folder is copied across, right-click in the disc image’s window, and choose Eject “SketchUp 2021”. That will make sure that you don’t accidentally run SketchUp from the disc image.

Go into Applications, SketchUp 2021, and open SketchUp from there.

If you still see errors happening send in another bugsplat, and if SketchUp is still quarantined I can give you the steps on how to fix that.

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