Crash #107676, SketchUp2021 crashes constantly, MacBook Pro 2020

So I got SketchUp Pro 2021 last week (version 21.0.392) and after a couple of days it started crashing. I have a new MacBook Pro from 2020, so this shouldn’t be the issue, my IOS version is Big Sur 11.2.3. I already deleted under library/Preferences the sketchup files and restarted SketchUp, but it keeps crashing. Can anybody help me?


Same here!!! So annoying…

You seem to be running SketchUp from the disk image, and not from within Applications. Please try the numbered steps in this post that I wrote:

I think you are running SketchUp on a macOS 10.13 system, which is not supported, but has worked for some people. You could try the steps I linked to, and see if that helps.

Thanks, but I am definitely running SketchUp within the Applications folder and not from the desk image - so this can’t be the problem.
And as I described above I have the iOS Big Sur 11.2.3 an my Macbook from 2020.

graphic card: Intel Iris Plus Graphics 1536 MB

Any other suggestions?

The answer about 10.13 was for Justine.

It may have been a different Anna that sent in a bugsplat. Did you send in any, and did you include your name or email address?

Ah sorry. I did, but without name or email address. But it said #107676, if that helps.

Thanks but I get lost in step 7… Can you please clarify about what disk we are talking?


The installer you downloaded unpacks as a “disk image.” Once upon a time it was a disk, now it’s just the idea of one. You can throw away (eject) the installer file you downloaded and the folders it unpacked once you’ve completed the steps prior.

Thanks, found that one.

Just crashed again, this time I sent in a bugsplat with my name (Anna), #108082.

Hi Colin, I did all these steps. It still keeps crashing an it’s not the fact that the file was created in an older version… It crashes when I try to draw in a new file too…

Hi Guys,

I have the same version of Mac and are having the same issue, just crashes every time. Have sent a bug splat too if that helps.
Just started the trial but can’t seem to get ahead.

Always look first what graphics card you’re running with: Mac’s manage graphics card switching under “battery” listed as automatic graphics switching both in battery and Power Adapter tabs, which means it’ll switch cards if you’re plugged in or not. Here’s Big Sur’s screenshot:

And look at your crash reports at /Library/Application Support/CrashReporter/ to see what was the reported cause.

Hi Barry,

Do these code mean anything you, and i don’t seem to have the same graphics card options as you.



You’re on an M1 machine. It doesn’t have a graphics card. Totally different computer.

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Thought I was missing something, thanks for the reply

If anyone SketchUp internal can read these better than me (I’m rusty at this point), the crashes are 222312 and 220198. I gave @JoshG1 my reading of it.

Ok so i’ve done some more playing around and it seems 2021 version works good on Big Sur with the M1 when making or editing existing .skp files. The crashing happens when working on a .skp file that originated from a .dwg file. As soon as i copy and paste, frozen.

Will keep working on it and share any findings.

What are you copying and pasting exactly? Is it with any dwg that you properly import or just one?