Sketchup 2021 crashing on mac 11.1 big sur (bug splat )

Every time i go to open the newly installed Sketch up 2021, on big sur mac, it keeps crashing coming up with bugsplat EVERYTIME, what can i do ?

I really need this to work asap

Thanks :slight_smile:

Try following the steps I gave in this answer:

If you don’t still have the 2021.0.1 DMG in your Downloads folder, you can get it from this link:

When that has downloaded, if the disk image window doesn’t appear automatically, double click on the SketchUpPro-2021-0-1.dmg file in your Downloads folder, and then you are ready to follow the steps I gave.

PERFECT THIS HAS WORKED ! :slight_smile: thankyou !

dear Colin,
same here - after updating Big Sur to 11.1 (28th of jan) and following the reinstall procedure with 2021-0-1 disk imp no success - sketch even doesn’t show up before bug splat and log appear - any other option to get it up and running ? thank you best philipp

i have to add that I am on a brand new Mac mini m1?!!

best philipp

It being an M1 machine shouldn’t affect things. In most cases the problem gets started if SketchUp is run from the wrong location. That is often from the disk image itself, but it could happen if SketchUp was copied to somewhere other than Applications. The 2021.0.1 update mainly stops the problem from happening to new users, but if the problem has already happened, 2021.0.1 might still crash.

Aside from the steps to install 2021.0, the other thing to try is to delete the existing preferences files, and then also the Application Support folder items.

To try the preferences files, copy these two lines (one at a time) into the Finder, Go, Go to Folder… dialog:


When you get there the file will be selected, you can type Command-Delete to send it to Trash.

Delete both of those, then try SketchUp again.

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dear Colin,
deleting the application support folder did the trick

thank you very much !!



Dear Colin,

I followed your instructions, however after 1 day the program crashed again (same reason) and I had to do it again.

I see all of the bugsplats that you have sent in, and at the moment you are running SketchUp from the disk image file. Look in Applications to see if there is a SketchUp 2021 folder, and if there is, go into that folder, and run SketchUp from there.

If that works ok, which I think it will, in any Finder, look at the side bar to see if there is a SketchUp 2021 volume. It would be under Locations, like this:


Click the eject icon to eject that disk image. After it is ejected, look in your Downloads folder, and find the SketchUpPro-2021-0-1.dmg, and other similar named DMGs, and drag them to Trash. Empty Trash.

You should now safely be running SketchUp from the Applications folder each time.