SketchUp 2021 will not start up after macOS 11.5.2 (20G95) update

SketchUp 2021 will not start up after macOS 11.5.2 (20G95) update
This is as far as I get:

After some time I got this:

2020 will start.
I have an M1 Macbook Air
Thanks for your help.

There was a server issue happening during yesterday. Are things improved now?

Thanks for checking in.
Same issue persists.

I realized that you’re on Monterey not Big Sur. I will ask a developer for an opinion.

Actually, I’m not sure what version you’re on! My Big Sur is up to date, and is on 11.4. I take it that your have a Big Sur beta?

11.5.2 is the latest production release of Big Sur.

Have the most recent version of Big Sur:

Thanks for your help and interest!

Where can I get a download with ought having to pay?

I’m not sure what version of SketchUp you own, but one thing you can is to download SketchUp 2020 from this link:

When you run that version you will get a fresh 30 day trial, if you manage to get past the welcome screen. Doing that as a test would help us to know if the issue is in 2021 itself, or it’s only a problem in the welcome screen code. If it’s the welcome screen code it would most likely go wrong in 2020 as well.

Any luck getting it to work? I’m afraid of updating my mac after reading this topic

I don’t know what might be the problem. SketchUp 2021 is running fine on my macOS 11.5.2.

Problem resolved.
Once I logged out SU 2021 loaded just fine.

I appreciate everyones help and concern - thank you!!

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@rwp I’ve had a similar problem occur today starting up Sketchup Web/Free and all of my saved models are no longer available. I’m also on Big Sur 11.5.2 so I’m wondering if this is a shared problem; and what the solution might be.

I haven’t logged in using a different username or password to what I usually type, and as far as I know I only have one account.

Any further information or advice from other forum users should be much appreciated.

Thank you, JJ497.

Because SketchUp Web/Free runs in a browser, compatibility with the browser version is important but the OS version is not (unless, of course, it installs a different browser version).

Try logging out and then logging back in. Sometimes that will clear access issues.

@slbaumgartner Hello Steve and thanks for your advice. I’ve tried logging out, but still have the same problem. I’m going to try purging the cache etc and see if that helps. Otherwise, has anyone got any other suggestions?

What browser are you using? If you are using Safari, try Chrome. It would be worth reading the following page:

Especially the part about using a recommended web browser.

So… @colin was able to solve this for me. It was simply that the folders and models were in Trimble Connect, not under the tab called ‘Home’. For anyone reading and having the same problem: on the main screen under where the tab says ‘Home’ it should also say ‘Trimble Connect’. Click on ‘Trimble Connect’ and that’s where your folders and models should be. Many thanks to @DaveR for responding also. Yes, I feel like an idiot, but a relieved idiot that’s happy to have his beloved Sketchup models back. Happy days :crazy_face:

I updated to 11.5.2 yesterday, and don’t have problems. So, maybe it is the web cache folder that is a problem. You would want to delete any folders in this location that say WebCache:

~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2021/

Looks like I was mixed up with JJ’s post. His was a web version issue, and the rest of this topic is about the desktop version. What I said about the web cache folders applies to the desktop version.