SkethUp 2021 doesn't work on macOS Monterey 12.5

I recently installed macOS Monterey 12.5 and SketchUp 2021 doesn’t work at all.
Do anybody know how to solve this problem?

I updated to 12.5 today, and SketchUp 2021 is still working.

Are you sure that you’re opening SketchUp from /Applications/SketchUp 2021/, and not from some other location?

Yes. I’m sure. It doesn’t work at all.

Go into Applications, SketchUp 2021, and right-click on Choose Show Package Contents, and then go into Contents, MacOS, and double-click on SketchUp in that folder.

You will see a Terminal window, and SketchUp will attempt to run. Assuming it fails, copy the last few lines from the Terminal window, and reply with those lines.

Saving session…

…copying shared history…

…saving history…truncating history files…


Those would be normal lines if SketchUp had opened and you then quit SketchUp. Could you include more lines from before that? It may not be that many lines, and you could show all of them.

Sorry…I absolutely don’t know what I’m doing…hohoho
Here it goes.

Last login: Mon Aug 8 19:18:43 on ttys000

jorge@192 ~ % /Applications/SketchUp\ 2021/ ; exit;

zsh: bus error /Applications/SketchUp\ 2021/

Saving session…

…copying shared history…

…saving history…truncating history files…


That bus error isn’t a good thing. I read online about it, and some people suggest using Disk Utility to run the First Aid option on your drive. I don’t know if that helps or not.

Before that, it would be worth downloading SketchUp 2021, delete the current folder in Applications, and and copy in a new folder from the installer disk image. You can directly get the disk image from here:

Doing that won’t disturb your extensions or any custom materials or components you may have. It only replaces the folder in Applications.

Thanks Colin.
I realy appreciate your help.

Hi all,

Here is a solution from my friend Trorg Mjolnir, he’s a Apple programmer from way back. He seems to think it will also fix any 2021 issues.

My studio is currently using MacOS Monterey but Trorg says this might well work on any. Please try if you have Ventura, our studio would like to know if the upgraded OS will work for SketchUp (it why we bought the M1 Max Apple Studio).

Here is a solution from my friend Trorg Mjolnir, he’s a Apple programmer from way back. He seems to think it will also fix any 2021 issues.

Our studio just bought a Apple Mac Studio with an M1 Max chip and installed SketchUp 2022. Sure enough, it did not open a window, and force quit was the only thing to do. So here is a solution if you please…

Remember your Mac is just a fancy UNIX box! (says Trorg!?!)

On the desktop make a file with this single line in it, nothing else.

/Applications/SketchUp\ 2022/ &

Two things here…

  1. The & symbol at the end puts sketch up into the background like you want it (probably).
  2. Now, make the file executable (if you know how). Clicking on it will then open SketchUp as it will when they fix the problem (if this isn’t it).

One more thing:
I understand UNIX and the terminal can be intimidating, so, if you want the above done for you, open a terminal window (/Applications/Utilities/ and just copy and paste the following in. You can even just highlight the line below and drag it into a terminal window, then hit the return key on the keyboard. Find the new ‘sketchup’ on the Desktop and double click it. Good luck and I hope you are off and running with SketchUp. Our studio loves it.

echo /Applications/SketchUp\\\ 2022/\ \& > $HOME/Desktop/sketchup; chmod 700 $HOME/Desktop/sketchup;