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Im very new to sketch, installed the sketch pro in my applications on my Mac, and had a zoom lesson few days ago. now pulling my hair out as I can’t get into sketch again. it keep saying that " sketchup is not responding and also a sign of the Bug splat. my Mac Pro is only few months old . any advice would be very much appreciated . thanks

Is it SketchUp that isn’t opening or just one of your model files? If it is SketchUp that won’t open, try reinstalling it. Find the download, double click on it and then drag it into Applications.

thanks I have downloaded it few times , and nothing happens, it even get verified and then I get the message about not responding at the end of the verification stage

I looks like its crashing trying to opening it

Can you show the message?

What is the operating system version? “Mac” isn’t enough information. What is the graphics card in your computer? ‘nbvvv’ is nonsense and not helpful.

hahahaha true, honesty I have no idea what that is

will show the message

sorry having adding a picture as I have to resize it , but the message says " sketch quite unexpectedly, sorry I know this not very helpful.

To get your OS X version, and graphics card details, go to the Apple icon in the extreme top left of your screen. Click on that, then About this Mac to see this information.

Then update your profile accordingly.

Sorry, just seen that you have already done that.

thanks , hallelujah I found it haha

The recent 2021.0.1 update took care of a Mac crashing issue, but for cases where the existing 2021.0 had already caused issues, the standard way of installing isn’t enough to fix the problem. The main difference is that without the problem having occurred it was enough to let Finder replace the existing folder, but after the problem that was occurring, that left SketchUp still in a bad way.

So we modified the directions we send to people. Here is the new set of instructions, see if following these steps helps:

  1. Make sure SketchUp 2021, LayOut 2021, and Style Builder 2021 are all closed.
  2. Go to your Applications folder and delete the SketchUp Pro 2021 folder by dragging it to Trash IMPORTANT STEP
  3. Click this link to immediately download the SketchUp 2021 installer disk image:
  4. After the download finishes, open the SketchUpPro-2021-0-1.dmg file in your Downloads folder, if your browser didn’t automatically do that for you.
  5. In the disk image window, drag the SketchUp 2021 folder on to the Applications alias.
  6. After the files have copied over, eject the disk image from the Finder File menu.
  7. Go into Applications, SketchUp 2021, and open SketchUp

thanks will try now

no , unfortunately it didn’t work, did every step as you recommend. still have the same things coming up after its been verified. " sketch quite unexpectedly " and the Bug splate …??

honestly don’t know what more to do, been trying everything for two days now … so frustrated

Try shutting down the computer after step 2.
Not just close the lid, a total shut down.
Then proceed.

Thanks Will try now

At exactly what moment does SketchUp crash? Has the welcome screen appeared, and is blank, or it’s filled in with templates and recent models? Or does it crash before the welcome screen appears?

By the way, the bugsplat that comes up belongs to the previous crash. After doing my steps you may well have seen one more bugsplat. Did you send in any of the bugsplats?

yeahhhhh it works hallelujah

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