Bug Splat issues on Mac Book

I received a bug splat message in the middle of a project. Now my Mac book won’t let me open a sketchup Pro. I can open layout and style builder but not sketch up. Every time I try and open it, I get the messages that are attached. Does anyone know how to fix this issue? It continues to prompt me to reopen but nothing happens.

I’ve un-installed it, reinstalled , rebooted and I get the same message.

What happens if you click Don’t Reopen?

I get this message and program closes. I’ve been trying different things or the past few hours but it keeps happening.

You are currently running SketchUp from the disk image window, and that can lead to various crashes. Look in Applications, and if there is a SketchUp 2021 folder, go into that folder and open SketchUp.

If there isn’t a SketchUp 2021 folder, go back to the disk image window, and drag the SketchUp 2021 folder onto Applications, to copy the folder across. Then eject the disk image to make sure you don’t open SketchUp from there by mistake.

I will give that a shot right now.

Cool. Because this app (all apps, actually) isn’t installed until you do this.