Program won't open = Bug Splat when I try to open or start program

My system crashed last summer and I had to have the hard drive reformated thus I lost everything I hadn’t saved. I also needed to reinstall Sketchup on my system. Every since then I’ve never been able to open the program at all without getting a “bug-splat” notice at launch. I haven’t a clue as to why this is happening. I never had a problem before and I really need to access the files I have for I want to start construction of a garage addition this spring. I have several drawings for it and I’m unable to access or open them at this time. Please - someone help me!!!

Put Yor name & email on the bugsplats and we can take a look. Mac or PC? On Mac, hold down the shift key when you launch so you’re not loading any document (possibly corrupt) when you launch.

I think my email was listed but I’ll put it in the comments to be sure

I just sent another “bug splat” report with my email included within the comments as well. Thanks for any help you can offer. BTW - I have a PC

Has there been a solution found for this problem as the exact same thing is happening to me

99.9% of these Are ruby plugin based. Can you disable them and retry?

Hi Barry thanks for the quick reply. I’m not sure what that means? Do you mind explaining.

Hi I am also have trouble after updating from older version.

If you don’t know what plugins are, then you probably haven’t installed any, and that isn’t the issue. Mac hAs a safe mode - not opening files on startup. I’ll try to check on your crashes when I’m able to.

I want all who’ve monitored or worked with me on this problem to know that I updated Windows to WIN 10 and now I am able to once again use Sketchup!!
My problem first began after my hard drive failed and I had to get another. I had a local business install a new HD along with all the programing I had. He was unable to load much of my backup saying that it was inaccessible probably due to the HD failure. I too tried to recover the files after and I was able to see them and that they had content, but the system would not and could not recover them. Anyway, it was at this time I realized I had a problem with Sketchup or was unable to use it.
I guess I can only say that Win 7, as it was loaded for me, just couldn’t access or use the program. I now wonder if it were possible now for me to access the backup I had before the HD failure? Sadly, I no longer have the backup :frowning: