SketchUp 2021.1: A notable and noticeable update

As Christina suggests, I am able to hold down the alt key to load a material and also just tapping alt without any issues…

Thanks for breaking it down, Matt. When you are holding the Alt key to sample with Paint Bucket, are you seeing that the sampling (of the material) is sometimes working properly, or not at all?

I like the list because I was bought up in a Metric world and now have to work in Imperial so I can see all the scales available to me.

Love the update! But is there are way to turn of the sticky thing? Never needed this :frowning: .

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Also, I can no longer create a new tag by typing it into the Entity Info box.

Please allow me to create new tags by typing them into the Entity Info box.

@nate2 read this thread:

It would seem to be best practice to implement new features/changes — that break workflows — as preferences that can be toggled between old and new behaviour.

Given that there will never be unanimity amongst users whether UI changes are improvements or impediments, this approach would elide the problem of newly-frustrated users (over their workflows being disturbed) while still allowing SU to evolve and try new things.


Ah I see. Thank you for leading me to the explanation.

As far as the sticky thing goes, I LIKE it. Maybe it should have a toggle, on or off.


Interesting remark.

But maybe if it takes an option to disconnect a new working option (which has not been requested?), It is proof that it is not good.

I don’t think it’s a matter of habit. Ergonomics is a subtle discipline. I would be curious to know what this decision was made on. For example, does this type of operation commonly exist in other software?


As a newby approaching my 1st birthday on pro would like to say that I like that extensions are now have their own ‘department’
Just like to add that I have always thought it a little odd that Model Info and Preferences is listed under Window rather than say File…but…whatever
Found Eneroths explanation in Who will win Extensions vs Plugins? - #8 by sjdorst useful…so I will stay with Add- On’s - HAHA

PPS have deleted my earlier comment within the above about extensions and tools as its…stupid ! db11 has advised you can choose where Fredos appear - ie tools or extensions. I need to investigate the issue further.

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For any of Fredo6’s extensions you can choose which top menu they appear under (ie. ‘Tools’ or ‘Extensions’), and whether they appear individually or within a ‘Fredo6 Collection’ folder.

Agreed, the sticky toggle keys have been really throwing me off. Especially when holding Shift to pan while using the eraser tool (keeps toggling to hide mode) and the paint bucket tool when sampling a material (stays in sample mode until I press Alt again). I was optimistic about this implementation but now I just want to turn it off.

Also, editing complex mesh geometry with Artisan seems to be much worse, not better as predicted in the release notes. It’s very laggy now. I am planning on reverting to 2021.0 at this point.


There’s a problem with the Paint Bucket / Eyedropper tool in 2021.1.279:

The Alt for eyedropper then flipping back to Bucket works fine…
Except if you eyedrop over a material that’s already been selected and appears in the Materials Palette… then the tool doesnt flip back to the Fill tool, it stays on the eyedropper until you mouseclick.

If it’s intentional then its very annoying… breaks the flow badly. Actually seems like a bug to me.

Something happening with the keyboard repeat rate might be affecting it (logitech wireless)…like toggling it to stay on?

If it’s not a bug…then it makes no sense behaving this way. Why would you want the eyedropper tool to be persistent?
The only sorts of uses for having a persistent eyedropper tool that i can think of would be to select across a range of materials in your model, if you’re manually recording names or RGB values , or hunting for a rogue material. But holding ALT down worked fine for that anyway.


Hence the interest of the subscription

I think I had this issue earlier today too where I kept trying to sample a material from one place and apply it to another, and instead painting with the paint bucket it was either sampling or just doing nothing with a few flickers of the mouse cursor. But now I tried again and it seems to be working fine… !?

Please add a way to turn this off or let us choose. As a long time use this is a horrible addition and constantly frustrates me! Just a toggle switch, or tick box to turn it off, PLEASE!


Moving back to 2020 till this sticky shift feature is removed, fixed or till we have the ability to turn it off. Absolutely a horrible addition for my modeling workflow and it has cost me a ton of time and added lots of frustration to my day. I am sure some like it and nice try but man is it a time waster for me.

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Having a sticky shift key would make my 3D modelling a lot smoother, as I use the shift key as often as arrow keys. It would therefore make sense to me, if they behaved the same.

couldn’t agree more. Before I knew if I was copying because my hand was on the ctrl. Now i have to look and find the little plus sign to see what is going on. Its just slower. This is like coke deciding to change its recipe. Don’t fix what ain’t broke. I have been using it for months and despite being used it I am slower.