Can no longer create new tags from Entity Info in 2021.1 on Mac

Previous to upgrading to version 2021.1, when I selected an object I could start typing a tag name in the Entity Info window, and if the tag did not already exist, hitting enter would create the tag and assign it to the selected object.

After updating to 2021.1, it appears this functionality no longer works the same, and tags must be created via the tags window first, and then assigned in the Entity Info window. Selecting an object, typing in a new tag name in Entity Info, and hitting enter just deletes whatever name was typed in and no new tag is created/applied. This is a lot less efficient, is this a bug or intended behavior?

Intended behavior.

That is unfortunate, as it has now forced a less-efficient and more frustrating workflow.


But it’s consistent across all the platforms now which has been a huge request of users for a long time. It should also help to prevent incorrect tag usage.

You may know that Aaron has made videos where he shows off how neat that was on Mac. A lot of us at SketchUp use MacBook Pro, and are already missing the feature.

But, some number of people were frequently accidentally renaming tags, and would not notice that happening at the time. Hence the change to make it work like it does on Windows.

Don’t worry though, we’re working on a way to make it easy to assign objects to a new tag, and will do that in a way that can work cross platform. I can’t tell you a date for when that will happen (if it happens at all), but I’m hoping that nearer the time @kathy_davies will reach out to people to run the idea by them.


Having not ever used SU on Windows I did not know there was a difference. Glad to hear something comparable is on the horizon. Thanks for the info.


Thanks for the shoutout @colin - yes, we do have a solution in the mix and I will be looking for customers to run concepts by before we dive off into a given design direction. If you’re on this thread - expect a ping! :slight_smile:

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I like the way Freshdesk searches for existing tags or create new on the fly.

This little loss is such a bummer, please oh please bring this ability back. I don’t see how this “solves” any incorrect tag usage, users are still allowed to change the active tag which is much more at the root of that problem. Nor do I see the value in achieving cross platform UI consistency by removing extra features that are only available on one platform. Why pursue consistency via the lowest common denominator?

Apologies if I seem heated, this is a big loss of efficiency for me. I am very accustomed using this workflow. Making a component, give it a name and then in entity info one can simply copy paste that name from one field to the next to make a well organized file with components and tags all uniformly named in which the outliner and the tags structure all have common titles. Having to now go to the tags window, retype, then return to the entity info to reassign is many more steps.

If you are considering replacements, please make it do this, just as efficiently.



I haven’t fully tested this but if it eliminates the annoying problem you had when you thought you had named a tag, then went to use a shortcut, and then found you had a tag named “w” (say) by mistake, then it gets my vote. I have a feeling it was more of a Mac problem, but I still found it super annoying.

It was simple enough to click once outside the field to avoid this. Plus, if you experienced this accidental shortcut naming of a tag it just indicates that you were using entity info to create new tags in the first place. That is the feature that has been removed. All that was needed was a quick fix to change curser focus out of the input field after pressing return, instead the solution is to remove the feature entirely.


Good to know that an easier way to apply objects to Layers, whoops - Tags!! is coming. Eneroth Layer Painter good example - maybe right-click menu could have ability to add a Tag to an entity.
Soon as you can though - as a Mac user I already miss the Entity Info option. And also as a Mac user, couldn’t care less about Windows commonality :grin:

I might point out that extension to the committee, given that ‘Eneroth’ is a developer at SketchUp now…

I am using a script that @dezmo wrote as a replacement for the lost the entity info functionally. It’s actually an even faster option for me and I’m very pleased with it. Perhaps you should point this one out as well.

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An excellent update! Good job SketchUp team! :upside_down_face:

Why would you take away this highly time-saving and well-working feature before making an (hopefully) even better solution? Is it only to please someone unfamiliar and confused by this feature, who could just read up on- or watch a tutorial to understand it? Should we expect shortcuts to disappear soon too?

I was sure this would have to be a bug, and not a conscious choice when I googled the problem.

It will certainly annoy all of us that understand it and are making use of the efficiency this feature gives on a daily basis, every day till the same thing reappears on an unknown date in the future.

Maybe I’ll have to downgrade to pre-21.1 SketchUp for the foreseeable future.

Sorry for my rant, but I’m quite sad to hit this wall of inefficiency that apparently was consciously created.

PS – great to read that ‘Eneroth’ is on board with the team!



If users make a mistake with the creation of layers from entities info … just a Command + Z (or CTRL + Z) … as before … or improved with the removal of the layer …

Adding my voice to those who thought this was a bug in the update and request the function (or something comparable) restored.

And if cross-platform consistency is a goal, please, please, please offer Mac users an option to use the default tray instead of floating panels so I can see my entire workspace and my panels at the same time without having to shrink my workspace into awkward aspect ratios. Thank you!


I do miss tagging through the entry window as it was a really quick way of naming things, however now that it’s gone, I’ve become more organized. This may only be my case, because my shop drawings are typically the same–they have east, west, north and south, they have cabinets, doors, appliances… all these are repetitive, so after reading this issue here, I think the best solution that I could come up with would be to make a tagged template that would include all the typical tags that I always use.

I hope this will be helpful for other SketchUp users. :slight_smile:

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My models generally have 20 layers or so, and there are different layers for different projects. So the most efficient way till now have been to name every new layer when making the content going on that layer, naming it and creating the layer in one simple action, directly through the entity box.

Now though, I have to create a new layer by clicking the + button in the layers window, name it properly, and then do the same thing as before, by going to the entity window dropdown menu and re-finding the layer I’ve just created there, either by typing or scrolling. It continues to be a real annoyance for me and it is so so much less efficient than before.

I sincerely hope that this brilliant feature reappears at the first possible update for SU :cold_sweat: