Create a new layer for a group via the entity info

I recently switched from sketchup 2019 to the most recent version (2022). Now I notice that it is no longer possible to create a new layer for a group via the entity info menu.

So I now first have to create a new layer and then assign the layer to a certain group via entity info. So really double work.

Can someone tell me if I can fix this?

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You’ll note they are called tags not layers.

You can go back to the older version of SketchUp. Nothing you can do to change it with the native tools.

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Thank you Dave for your constructive answer.
it helped me a lot

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No, this step backward is baked into the new version. Check out this thread for options:

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Just wanted to give this thread a bump. Still annoyed by this ALL the time.

Another nuisance that has been added in relation to tags: When toggling tags, or doing anything in the tags panel, keyboard shortcuts become disfunctional until you actively click back into the main window.

This is a strange, unpractical behavior, since for quickly navigating to a specific tag there is the dedicated filter withing the tag panel.

In a similar way both of these “functions” do an incredible job at frequently interrupting my workflow.

Would be greatly appreciated if these at least became options, that we can choose to activate.


Please make this feature available again in Sketchup please! missing every day. just for mac if you need

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