No longer create tags with Entity Info - 21.1.278

After updating to 21.1.278 it seems that typing a new tag name in the entity info box doesn’t create the tag. It just defaults back to Untagged. Was this an on purpose functionality change? Anyone else experience this? I preferred the old way, saved a few clicks.

There’s a recent post on the forum I remember reading that says it’s by design.

It would be worth reading this post:

Thanks for the link to that post. Ahhh, sad to see that feature go.

It would seem that the goals were to kill two birds: the complaints from mac users about the field keeping focus after an entry, causing your next shortcut to become the tag name unless you click elsewhere first, and the complaints from Windows users who didn’t have this ability.

It is sad. See this conversation as well with some vague hope from the SketchUp team.

Loosing this feature is a real bummer.
Now everything takes longer and it’s more pain in the butt to create a layer and then assign objects to it.
Why can’t you just make it that after typing a new layer name in the entity window and hitting enter it is no longer high-lighted? So mac users don’t complain and everybody is happy?
On a Mac I found the accidental creation of tags (layers) less annoying than this new removal of a feature.

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