New tags in 2022

SketchUp 2022 is great, but is the new Tag command different, or gone? i.e. I seem to only be able to make a new Tag by clicking the + in the Tags window. I used to be able to make one by selecting an object and typing in the Name of the new Tag in the Entity Info window, which was much better. Am i doing it wrong or is this an ‘improvement’ that I’m going to have to get used to?!

That method was Mac only, and removed ‘for consistency between platforms’ a few months ago.

There have been other threads on this subject.

See this one, for example.

The solution in 2022 wasn’t to put back the Mac specific feature, but instead a Tag tool was added. You can now select a tag in the Tags panel, click on the Tag tool icon, and then do various type of clicks on objects to put them onto that tag. Creating a new tag still has to be done with the + button, but assigning tags can now be faster than having to go to Entity Info each time.

That’s disappointing.
If the Mac and Windows versions were different, I for one would vote to upgrade Windows rather than downgrade the Mac!
It seems to me more intuitive to draw some lines, group them, then give them a Tag.
The new situation is that you Tag something that doesn’t yet exist. More experienced users will be fine, but I think new users will struggle with this.
Just my opinion.