Creating new tags in Entity Info

Yesterday I updated to the latest version of Sketchup Pro, since then I have not be able to assign groups to new tags created using Entity Info. My workflow used to be to create a group, to go to Entity Info to either put it in a tag, or if I didn’t have the tag I wanted I would enter the name of a new tag in the tag line of Entity Info, into which the group would be put. However, it appears that it is no longer possible to create tags in this way and instead I am only able to assign groups to existing tags in Entity Info. Or am I missing something?


That’s not a bug, it’s a change to make the Mac version work the way the Windows one always has.

It’s in the release notes for the latest version, and there were other topics discussing it on the forum recently.


  • (Mac) You will no longer be able to edit a Tag name in the Entity Info Tag dropdown. This is intended to prevent Tag names from inadvertently being changed when looking up a tag or invoking a tool via a keyboard input.

Thanks for your prompt reply. Yes I see I missed the earlier discussion on this. For the record I thought it was more useful the way it was before. But if the goal is to make the versions the same on both Macs and Windows, could it be set up so that in layout for Macs the fonts panel integrates with the other panels as I believe it does with Windows, rather than floating loose, which is not so easy to manage.


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@Challey Check this conversation and the accompanying extension to replace a version of this functionality:

Was about to post the same “bug” but found this. Just wanted to say that I’m not happy about this loss of functionality! Really the Windows version should’ve been brought in-line with Mac, rather than the other way around IMHO.

Perhaps as compensation we can have the add/delete buttons back on the Tags palette, where they used to be in SU 2020?