Sketchup Pro 2020 Tagging frustration

Been having a great deal of frustration of late with tags in SU 2020.

Screen Shot 2020-12-07 at 1.00.19 PM

This image shows the Entity Info box. When I have a group that I want to tag or that has a tag, as in this image, the text of the tag is highlighted and is editable. What I am finding is that in the act of choosing a tag or changing a tag for the object, I click on the tag and then immediately click back in model space moving to the next task, but somehow that next click is interpreted as a text entry in the tag dialog box. If the tag is fully highlighted I get a “o” or “oo” new tag (depends on how many times I click the mouse). If the text is not highlighted, a “o” or “oo” is added to the tag and I get new tag added. Additionally, if I pick a tag and then immediately hit space bar to get back to the arrow icon and the next task, the highlighted text in the tag dialog box completely clears and I have a new layer named " ".

I am wondering why the text of an established tag is not protected by a double click for editing?

Is that not the problem? Not even sure what the problem is…but I sure spend a lot of time deleting/correcting altered and added tags. Is this just me?


Hmm…I haven’t been able to reproduce that. I wonder if the macOS version affects it (i’m running 10.15.7, your profile says 10.14.6).

This is a well-known and long-standing issue with the Mac SketchUp GUI, both here and in some other dialogs. The input field is left selected after you press enter, and the next thing you type overwrites it. Often this is your shortcut for some action, not anything you ever meant to become the name of a tag/layer, scene, etc. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a tag named " " or “m” or the like. Despite years of complaints, the developers don’t seem to think this needs any priority and have not touched it.


@slbaumgartner thanks for the response…

I don’t know how to reproduce the first one either. I can only say it’s the mouse doing it because I happened to catch it one time out of the corner of my eye. What I did…who knows.

Your last comment is supremely frustrating. Having an issue with another plugin I purchased recently only to find out that the problem was the Mac GUI. Had to do with the toolbar icons not staying put.

There are two things I don’t understand. Why the Mac GUI and Layout in general are dog ****'s that Trimble wont fix. Makes no sense to me. Have you ever considered the regressive step of moving back to PC?

Not working for Trimble, I can’t explain their long record of making at most minimal changes to the Mac GUI for SketchUp - despite the fact that a good fraction of the staff uses Macs (take a look at any of Aaron’s videos, for example). My best guess is that they have very limited Mac developer resources, hence issues like this get low priority.

Being an old-time UNIX hack at heart, I like the fact that beneath the covers macOS is a UNIX derivative. I’m a dinosaur who can still do a lot via the terminal interface and all those hopelessly cryptic UNIX commands! I never reached that level of comfort with Windows internals. So, no, although I run Windows 10 under Parallels to test my extensions and to keep some awareness of the UI differences, I have no intention to switch back.

I’m sure that is that case…and is actually a decent explanation…I guess I don’t understand why this isn’t communicated somehow…except for the fact that Mac users would never jump onboard if they really new Trimble had slim intentions for upgrading the Mac experience.

Heard someone else talk about Sketchup on Parallels. Would it work for a professional daily user in architecture?

Until a fairly recent version of Parallels (not sure now which - perhaps 14?) it didn’t support a late enough release of OpenGL to support Sketchup.

It does now work, and I use it occasionally, like Steve, to test plugins. Whether it is now robust enough to support heavy professional use, I don’t know. But in light use, it hasn’t yet blown up on me.

Thanks John…appreciate that report. Have been contemplating Parallels for another app as well so maybe the rock is starting to roll a bit downhill now.

So far as I’ve been able to tell, the overhead imposed by Parallels is quite acceptable. But I wouldn’t recommend this as the best path if you really need to run Windows as your main OS.

It’s a quite frustrating thing really. I know the best solution is just to get a PC and be done with it. But the thousands of dollars I have in Apple products makes that choice very difficult.
I basically dread Layout. It is a bastion of slow, money eating frustration. Now I have this Sketchup GUI issue to navigate and I’m sitting in the middle of a deadline and…well…if your a professional user, you already know.

And there aren’t any real solutions I guess and no future hope that some will be forthcoming. Bah-humbug to Trimble…sorry…bad mood talking.

As a long time Mac and SU user, I feel your pain. You can understand why developers would concentrate on PCs, given the relative size of the market.

For me, the advantages of a Mac outweigh the annoyances, but that’s a personal choice.

I surely agree in the long run. Every Apple I have ever owned is still doing work for me. That’s 13 years of platforms still on and running every day. I will never leave that kind of quality.

I’m left with an odd conclusion after sleeping on it. I need advanced training from someone who works with Sketchup Pro on the Apple platform. In my mind, if I have these issues that slow me down that can not be changed, I must be willing to look at every other area and alter it as much as possible to squeeze out every ounce of speed I can to offset the speed bumps.

Anyone have any recommendations?

I work with SketchUp on Mac and I won’t be changing. There some disadvantages to the UI on Mac and a few slight advantages. The input fields remaining highlighted is annoying and I too have made many tags named “space bar”, or circles with “z” sides. Until this is fixed the only way to avoid this is to develop a good muscle memory of clicking once in the model space after all inputs, I think of it as a “return”.

If you have some specific questions about the Mac interface we can try to brainstorm together about best practices. The biggest differences are in the material pallet behavior and toolbar presentation. Once the quirks are understood the Mac platform is not so bad and overall a net positive experience for me.

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Had to slow my angst down and really focus on what works and what doesn’t. I found that what you are saying here is the best practice. Can’t use space bar or escape or anything else. Have to click back in model space to finalize the choice.

I am also beginning to believe that my mouse is contributing to my issues as well. It’s the Elcom “Big” Trackball. Has always been clunky but the last two days I have been playing with settings and getting very strange results inside Sketchup and Layout both. Might have to change that.

As to this…

I would very much enjoy hearing how other mac users setup their toolbars and especially how they handle text adjustments and plugin toolbars that will not anchor in the sketchup top toolbar.

Sadly, this Mac only ability to create a tag by typing in a name was removed with the 2021 version. I dare say that was done as a solution to the problem you’re showing.

why do you say sadly?

It was very cool to be able to start a new Tag from Entity Info. @TheOnlyAaron even made great use of the feature in the last SketchUp Live he did while still using SketchUp 2020.

Seriously!!??! I love that feature, it’s one of the few advantages of the Mac UI. It’s gone?
I use that workflow 20 times a day. I make a component, give it a name, then in the entity info I copy the name and paste it to the tag field. Instant organized tags that coincide with component names.

So so disappointing. I downloaded 2021 but have not moved into it because I need twinmotion. Looks like another reason to not migrate. What a step backwards.

Now I’m bad mood typing.

I must be missing the point. Is this what you say doesn’t work any more?


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I am quite happy if I turn out to be wrong about this! I even logged a bug, and got a response that the feature is working as (now) intended.

I will try other things in case it’s only under certain conditions that it fails.

It’s still working for me in 2021 - I haven’t noticed any circumstance yet it which it doesn’t.

{I’ve even got my Space Mouse Wireless working again in 2021 with a mixture of the latest public (not Beta) drivers, and a bit of copying from 2020.)