Tag Panel - second click on visibility also puts tag into tag edit mode

Clicking the visibility of a tag a second time puts the tag into tag name editing mode. (even if many seconds between clicks)

Imagine you need to temporarily turn off a tag to see something in your model, you turn the tag off, inspect model, then turn the tag back on again, then you hit a keyboard shortcut, lets say ‘P’ for push/pull to continue doing your work. If you weren’t aware of the tag panel behaviour what you have just done is renamed that tag to ‘P’.

So if your carefully controlled model tag structure starts getting corrupted with tag names like ‘p’, ‘m’, ‘o’, ‘t’, you now know why


For roughly 2-3 months, I’ve seen this issue and another annoying tag issue.

  1. Clicking to change tag visibility (twice) opens the tag name for editing. However, clicking the tag checkbox, then clicking on the model, then back to the tag checkbox prevents this from happening. For me, this behavior is not 100% reproducible.

  2. Clicking on a tag to change visibility moves the tag out of the tag folder to the level of ungrouped tags (i.e. no tag folder). It’s certainly possible that I’m slightly off the mark when clicking on the tag checkbox, but I’ve been using SketchUp since 2017 and I’ve never experienced the problem before. I’m using the same 3Dconnexion hardware with no recent changes to my settings.

It feels like the entire tag interface changed at some point. Maybe the coordinates for clicking on a tag checkbox and/or edit box expanded to the point where they now overlap slightly? I’ll try to slow down and really pinpoint my cursor today to troubleshoot a bit.

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Ok, I found a behavior that is 100% reproducible on my system. It seems that nesting tag folders and tags affects the editing function. See the attached image for clarification.

@jwhida, could you test the nesting theory on your system?


Thanks for the detail on these problems. We are looking into this!

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Hi there,

We have a fix for several of the problems reported in this thread. By any chance, do you have a file where you are able to reproduce the problem where changing a nested tag’s visibility relocates the tab to the top of the tree? This is one problem we have not been able to reproduce in our own test files. If you are willing to share, please send me a DM on the forum. (Click on my profile and hit Message).


Wonderful news, I hope the new subscription model and extra dollars being paid means this will be fixed promptly. I use Sketchup as my main professional tool, It is a daily problem for me, a time waster, and corrupter of my hard work

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@Mark, thanks so much for investigating the primary issue. Unfortunately, I can’t reliably reproduce the second issue I mentioned. It happens in different files at different times. I suspect it could be related to how fast I’m clicking and moving my mouse. Maybe I’m actually clicking to the right of the ellipse and moving my mouse just enough to cause the tag to get pulled into the “untagged” level? That said, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this happen when I have successfully toggled visibility for the tag which suggests I clicked in the correct location. Also, the behavior is new for me, meaning since 2017, I never experienced the issue until more recently. Again, I’ll try to stop when this happens and pay attention to my mouse tracks.

Tag re-parenting happens to me all the time, and I can reproduce the behavior at will.

Try this—create a Tag Folder with a bunch of tags in it. Click on any one of the tags inside the folder. Any one, it doesn’t matter whether it’s near the top or bottom of the list. Now, watch what happens if you ‘flick’ any one of the tags inside that folder just the tiniest bit when you click on it. You can flick it up, down, sideways—doesn’t matter, the tag should fly right out of the folder. It just flies out. Very little errant mouse motion is required to do this. If it doesn’t happen to you, maybe it’s a hardware problem. I use a Logitech MX Anywhere 2S mouse.

I would prefer that an affirmative ‘drag and drop’ be required to move a Tag out of a Tag Folder, but I also know how to avoid the problem so I can live with it.


@CarolynF - Yes! Thank you!

It doesn’t matter where I click on the tag. A very slight movement moves it to the untagged level and the tag drops to the bottom of the tag list. This also happens if I click on the visibility ellipse and make the slightest drag motion. This behavior explains why it frequently happens to me when I simply want to change tag visibility.

I go back to an earlier comment I made… it does feel like the tag interface changed at some point this year (very sorry I can’t pinpoint a release). I did a quick search on drag and drop thresholds and see that I can edit the Windows registry to increase pixel width/height before a drag event is triggered. However, I don’t believe I should have to make a system-wide change. I don’t know Ruby… Can the interface be tweaked to increase the threshold for motions in the tag area, more specifically the visibility ellipse?

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I’m new to SketchUp so I have no experience with how earlier Sketchup Tag Panel interfaces behaved. I downloaded SU Pro 2021 in May, and I haven’t updated since whatever version that was.

I did consider that my ‘flicks’ could be registering as a ‘drag and drop’ by my hardware—whether it’s the mouse, video card, monitor, I have no idea. I am not inclined to fool around in the registry unless the SketchUp Team gives me specific instructions. I don’t have drag and drop problems generally. And I’m wary that this is the problem because this behavior does not happen in Outliner with Components and Subcomponents. I never find Subcomponents magically re-parented. A sweep-click acts just like a regular click in Outliner.

I can confirm that the behavior is consistent whether I am ‘sweep-clicking’ (good way to put it) the visibility symbol or the tag name. My escaped Tags do not go to the bottom of the list, however. They just go to the alphabetical location they belong at. Sneaky, as it’s not so easy to spot them.

Here’s another observation that I should have been much clearer about in my post – and maybe you can look at this. For any of this accidental re-parenting to occur, a tag within a folder must already be selected/highlighted. Nothing happens with the first swipe, and I mean literally nothing. I have to make a precise click to either highlight the tag name or change the visibility. Only when the tag is highlighted is it eligible for being launched out of the folder with the next click. Now here’s the interesting part, and I wasn’t clear on this: it doesn’t matter which Tag you sweep-click next, the highlighted Tag is the one that gets launched.

Let’s say you have a Tag Folder containing Tag A through Tag Z. You select Tag A, so Tag A is highlighted. Then, you sweep-click Tag Z. Notice that it is the highlighted Tag A that leaves the folder, not Tag Z.

In fact, any time a Tag inside a Tag Folder is highlighted, it doesn’t matter where the next tag is you sweep-click—the highlighted Tag will escape the folder it is in. The tag you sweep-click can be inside the same folder, inside a different folder, or not inside a folder at all. Try it.

I get exactly this issue. It is annoyingly easy to accidently move a tag out of a tag folder. Is it possible to move them back in? It doesn’t seem be drag and drop?

I have no trouble dragging them back into the folder. I hover over the folder name where the tag is supposed to be until the folder name becomes highlighted, then I drop the tag. Always works.

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@CarolynF, yes I can confirm the behavior you mention where any tag that is already highlighted is the tag that is affected by the next “sweep-click”. I also find that highlighting one tag, then sweep-clicking on a tag folder, moves the highlighted tag into that tag folder, not to the untagged level.

Good point about mouse actions in the outliner hierarchy working as one would expect. To be clear, I am not advocating for users to make registry changes. This is an interface issue and I’m very confident that with our combined input, the SketchUp team will sort it out.

Thanks again, @CarolynF, for your persistence. :+1:

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I’ve known for a while that the SU Team is working on the Tag Panel. I did bring up the primary issue about the tag name going into edit mode when toggling visibility, as have several other posters in different threads. That is a known issue, and it may be specific to SU 2021 Pro users, or at least that’s what one of the SU gurus, “Dezmo,” seemed to think. I do expect that problem to be remedied.

But the tag re-parenting issue–which has plagued me from the beginning–is something I can avoid with careful clicking, so I never brought it up. I was so grateful that you brought it up, and then dismayed that the SU Team couldn’t reproduce the behavior. Let’s hope they take another look at it now.

I just feel so sorry for the SU diagnostic team—they have Mac and Windows and so many versions of the program to deal with. It must be mind numbing. I am sure they appreciate any input we can give them.

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Hi Mark,

I was wondering when there will be a fix for the tag editing issue on double click that was first raised in this thread. This has been a major frustration and time waster since the new tag interface was released and I’m surprised there hasn’t been more feedback. I also can’t imagine anyone would find any advantage in clicking the eye to rename a tag over just double clicking the tag name itself. I’ve inadvertently renamed hundreds of tags with keyboard shortcuts this last year and it’s getting old.


Hopefully this is fixed in SU2022. im just installing now and will report back

Looks like this is fixed in SU2022

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