Tags Accidentally Renamed when Toggling Visibility

Toggling a Tag’s visibility (clicking the ‘eye symbol’) through a full cycle causes the Tag name to be highlighted as though the intent is to rename or edit the Tag name. Note: it must be a full cycle, either On-Off-On or Off-On-Off with no commands in between.

This behavior is not consistent with toggling the visibility of Components. In Outliner, I can click on a Component’s ‘eye symbol’ repeatedly and the Component definition never becomes highlighted. If I wish to change the definition I must click on it directly, which seems like more normal behavior.

Not noticing that the Tag name has been highlighted has resulted in my accidentally renaming the Tag if I use a keystroke command immediately afterward. The keystroke replaces the Tag name; the command has not ‘taken’ so I click somewhere in the model and try again. Clicking in the model completes the name change. I don’t notice what has happened because my focus has moved to the model, and I am no longer looking at the Tag list. This has happened so many times I decided it is worth mentioning—maybe other new SketchUp users are wondering why their Tag names are occasionally mysteriously changed.

Why should cycling a Tag’s visibility result in highlighting the Tag name when clicking the Tag name twice accomplishes the same thing? Wouldn’t it make more sense to have the ‘eye symbol’ only turn Tags on and off? Is there a setting that would make it stop doing this?


I have had the same issue. Just clicking the visibility icon triggers a rename tag event. Very frustrating to see bugs appear where none existed previously as this is a bug in the current version(s) and was not present in previous versions. Hopefully this can be fixed as it causes confusion when tags are being inadvertently renamed.


Ah - this makes sense now why my tags are getting renamed accidentially.
It never used to happen.

Must be a recent bug/feature.


I’m getting this too. It’s quite frustrating. Any news on a fix from Sketchup?


Yep, me too. A nice fix would be to have to double click on the tag to edit it.

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:wave: :wave: Same here.

Same bug here. Really annoying

I’m also having this issues. Often results in my tags being renamed unintentionally.

Hey SketchUp!
Any word on this issue? The “Tags Accidentally Renamed when Toggling Visibility” can be very frustrating if you are working fast and concentrating on the design.