Renaming Tags

Having an issue with Sketchup Pro 2023. I know this is a normal function, but for some reason, I cannot rename the tags (rather, no option to rename is there in the right-click submenu). I’ve tried suggested solutions from another thread about this (back in 2021), by placing the cursor close to the end of the name, but no luck.

simply double click on the name.

You had me doubting, I just checked. double click on the tag’s name as you would double click on a folder or a file to open it. and it will allow you to rename.

the only one that won’t is the default tagless tag. that one shall remain nameless.

You are correct and I’m the idiot, though in my defense, I could swear that hovering over the tag names, would produce a pencil icon next to the name to allow for renaming. Maybe it was like that once and it changed and I never noticed?

ermmmm I don’t remember, could be. I know that in the outliner, you have to slowly double click, otherwise you’ll enter the group / component.

When I checked last night, at first, I was double clicking on the default tag with no result. maybe that’s where your trouble started, trying a valid method on the only unnamable tag then movin on to invalid methods? :smiley:

Glat it’s fixed anyway :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the follow-up. I’m not sure if anything changed or if I was thinking of something else. In any case, the double-click method works fine. I’ll check back here, if anything changes.