Hiding and unhiding tags always brings you in edit mode

I am on Win 10, Sketchup 2021 21.1.299 64bit.

When I click the “eye” next to a tag or tag folder in the tag list to hide a tag or tag folder and then I click it again to unhide it. The tag name gets automatically into edit mode.(even if I wait a few seconds between the clicks)
This is very uncool, because my main usage of tags is hiding and unhiding them and not editing the name. The only way out of the edit mode is ESC,ENTER or TAB - any other key stoke pressed, will change the name.

I would appreciate it a lot, if the name of a tag or tag folder is editable only, when I double click the name. An alternative would be to add an option “rename” to the right click context menu.

Yes. It has been reported already:

Tag Text Box Frustration - SketchUp - SketchUp Community

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Get your self a Mac! Doesn’t seem to happen for me.

Thanks, I searched for it, but it did not pop up in the result.

A Mac?, tbnt :wink:

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