Tag Text Box Frustration

Is anyone else experiencing issues with tags on SU2021 Pro where changing its visibility also opens the tag text box? This is easily repeatable and extremely frustrating. This is on a Windows PC.

There’s already a thread on this topic. I haven’t had it happen to me but some others seem to have the problem. As long as I click on the eye icons I don’t get the text field opening for editing.

Dave, I posted a comment which explains that it happens with a full visibility cycle: on/off/on or off/on/off.

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As I wrote, for some users it does.

But, you are not doing what I said to do. Perhaps you could read my full explanation.

No. I didn’t in that GIF. I did read your full explanation.

I removed my GIF for you.

So, I’m curious…does it happen to you in that specific circumstance, or is it just happening to some of us?

I already wrote that it doesn’t happen to me. Clearly it happens for some users, though.

It usually happens in the on/off/on sequence but it also happens, for me, just going from off to on. Here’s a screen shot from a model I had open.


But, ‘EARTH’ is already highlighted when you turn the visibility to ‘on.’ Did you do anything before turning the visibility of ‘EARTH’ back on besides moving the cursor away?

Just moved the cursor, I didn’t do anything before. l’ll repost a video without EARTH highlighted.

The first click on the ‘eye symbol’ highlights the entire line in blue; the second click highlights the Tag name only. Now it is vulnerable to accidental renaming. That’s how it happens for me.

It is an added wrinkle that the issue is not consistent among all users. Some users don’t experience this behavior at all, for others (like yourself) it also happens under other circumstances.

I posted a comment on this issue mainly to help other newbies who may find their tag names changed and have no idea how it is happening (it took me a while; I just shrugged and named them back.) I assumed experienced users were aware of the behavior and just avoided the double click. Even now that I know how it happens, it still happens. While irritating, it doesn’t seem to cause any major problems.

I’ve been using SketchUp since 2017 and never had this problem on any other version until upgrading to SU2021. So I don’t think this is something we should just have to live with. As an avid Tag user this issue is a major distraction and should be fixed.

On a separate but related issue, it’s also very annoying that tags are so easily “reparented” or moved out of tag folders. It seems like just grazing a tag causes it to be moved somewhere else in the tree.

I can confirm it happens a lot and is annoying.

As a newbie, I only know 2021. And, yes, I have found the re-parenting to be an issue also. I tend to attribute whatever problems I face to being a new user, so if I notice something weird going on I just assume it’s me and try to be more careful. In this tag renaming case, I finally decided it was worth a mention. These forums have many posters with serious issues, so I try not to take up space.

I can confirm too, that the Name field input box of the Tags Tray get a focus if you set the visibility. That can happen only on SU2021, if the particular layer or folder row has been already highlighted (blue background).

This is indeed a bug, and I suggest to be investigated and resolved. :innocent:


Here’s an updated screen capture showing the tag text box issue. I’m not going to try capturing the reparent issue but that is equally frustrating / annoying.

Tag Issue 2


Your screen capture is helpful. We are experiencing exactly the same thing. Thanks to dezmo for mentioning that it seems to be specific to SU2021. Maybe this issue will get some visibility now, pun intended.

It’s hard to reproduce the re-parenting behavior, but it is a bit too easy to shuffle tags around by accident. I walk on eggshells when it’s ‘tag organization’ day.

Tags are very useful; I do hope they sort these problems out.

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Wow, I thought it was just me but yeah, it happens to me constantly, very annoying. It’s a shame that you have to be so precise in what is clicked…wasn’t like this before.

I have tags suddenly disappearing even though they still exist, only way to get them back is closing SU and re open the file - W10 and latest SU patch and GPU drivers