SketchUp 2021.1: A notable and noticeable update

Perfect analogy.

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I’ve posted this in a few other places on the forum, but I’ll echo it here for those watching this thread. We are definitely addressing this undesirable behavior in the Move tool and we expect to have an update before too long. The community feedback has been pretty clear on this point: don’t mess with original Coke!


Absolutely agree with the sticky keys. My biggest issue here is that I use the SHIFT key is used to pan across my model while using the mouse wheel button to orbit when releasing the SHIFT key. If I have a tool active, such as the eraser tool, I’m now toggling the hide function for the eraser tool on and off as I move around a model. Previously you would need to hold the shift button to engage the hide command. When moving quickly around a model and erasing various lines, I have found myself hiding some, having to turn on hidden lines to truly erase adding a step to the process. This occurs for other tools being active as well with similar results. ADD STICKY KEYS AS AN OPTION FOR THE USER TO DECIDE.

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Me too bout the “Sticky keys”: For long term users like me, It is a horrible update :cold_face: :hot_face: :scream:. When used to control your work for several years already with pressing “ctrl”, “shift”, “alt” etc. keys just on demand, these actions have become a part of the unconscious level of work. Change for the buttons behavior messes the learned work flow completely. No, you can’t change such keyboard shortcuts, No.

Please add an option to settings to turn them off.
Thank you in advance.

There has been an update to SketchUp…

Have you tried the most recent update?

Now both the old hold and new toggle behavior should be available side by side. No toggle to switch between the two should be needed.

Hello SU Team. Thank you for work and updates. I do have some requests though.

Please bring the ability to add Tags in my Entity window on Mac. So disappointed to lose this feature. So many more clicks now. Also, please make it possible for my cursor to go back to drawing after hitting ENTER in Tags window and not staying in the field where I was just typing (maybe I’m missing something).
I guess it’s back to 2020 again.

Thank you.


I know, it drives me absolutely batty! The fact that not one single other Mac application I’ve used in the past 36 years does this means my brain will never adapt. It seems the critical thing for SU is to make the drawing window the “active” or front most window. Just clicking on the title bar for the window does it. Is that controllable with Ruby? Could that be assigned to a keystroke like Enter?


It also means that this behavior is an aberration, an anomaly, and borderline a bug. It is not just inconvenient UX (user experience), it is flat out bad UX. It is embarrassing and frustrating that this hasn’t been fixed, nor addressed. At Pro prices, this should not exist. It should be easy enough to fix in an overnight update, considering literally every other app in existence can do that.

Thing is, I don’t think anyone at SketchUp is hearing this. And if they are, I don’t think they care. The fact that they repeatedly ignore this feedback in forums year after year only supports my theory. And I can bet that this will be ignored entirely as well. I can expect, unfortunately, someone to explain that I’m using it wrong, or give me some other nonsense excuse for why it isn’t happening.


Yes, it’s been mentioned and asked for many times before. So frustrating…


We are indeed aware of the issue (focus not being transferred back to the modeling window after certain interactions in the Tags Panel). We definitely agree it is a bug and a disruptive experience. By no means are we giving up on the fix, but that doesn’t mean it’s a simple one.


And while you are looking, a reminder that the same behaviour occurs on Mac in the Entity info window. I have many a Component Definition accidentally named m, o, or p, or even <space>.


Thank you

So many things get named m and space in my models.

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Yes, installed the update today and now the sticky keys are gone. Great thanks to you and to His Holiness Flying Spaghetti Monster. The stamp mode makes sense too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: