Show us the way you have SketchUp set up on your computer right now




I use a 17 inch laptop, lots of screen so I like everything open and ready to use


Hello :smile:
My SketchUp Make on a 17" laptop :

My specific toolbars are for SketchyPhysics, KerkyThea and KeyShot


Hello, this is my SU Make workspace, I use it for Architecture. I thought it would be useful to show up how the Model Info Units tab is set, so I keep it opened when did the screenshot.

Hope it help anyway. Thanks.





Everything off in edge style except edges. I use two screens as it allows me to work on a model at the same time as working with details. I hope it helps :slight_smile:


Hi,this is my Sketchup! I am an architect and I use sketchup every day for 8-12 hours, on a PC with two 22’’ monitors.





After doing the second tutorial :smile:


Only been at Sketchup for a few days, so mine is still pretty basic!!


Sorry to be so long in responding John. This is a quick and dirty drawing I did to show a customer how i am planning on their lead paint removal. I find dual monitors essential, as well as a 3D mouse, a very simplified template and a limited range of tool icons to insure that my desktop doesn’t become a visual hash.


beginner here


Since you asked!

I am a new user and have only been using SketchUp since June 1 but this is how its configured so far. I have 3x24" Dell monitors. The main SketchUp work area is on the middle monitor. Tools, extensions, and misc are on the far right monitor. As I add new extensions I expect this space to fill up quickly. On the far left monitor is my second instance of FireFox with this forum, SketchUcation and the Extension Warehouse in tabs. I also have YouTube and Google in tabs for searching and learning about SketchUp or a plugin as I work. I also have NetFlix in a tab for listening to Archer reruns because they don’t need to be “watched”.

What is not seen is that I have a wireless 3DConnexion SpaceMouse which is the coolest toy on my desk! Also I have created a Windows Speech Recognition Macro specifically for use with SketchUp that includes the 50+ most used commands which I continue to enhance and refine. When used together the Speech Macro, SpaceMouse and regular mouse, keyboard usage is dramatically reduced which translates to shorter time to completed drawings.

It’s sill a work in progress and I am have having a great time.


I’m working between 3 or 4 sketchup models at once, with different interfaces & windows shown.

components, materials, layers, entity info and 1 or 2 plugins are always open as my basic set.


Hello. Here is the way my screen is set up. My Tools (components, materials, layers, entity info etc…) are ALWAYS set up this way - I never move them - and they detached from each others).


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Kind of a boring file… Working on a small bar for a client. I need to go through my tool bar again and pare it down. I have keyboard commands for 90% of the commands on the toolbar. My employer thinks I’m some sort of magician when he watches me work and I switch between 5 different tools without clicking the toolbar.


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