Show us the way you have SketchUp set up on your computer right now



Just found this nice thread! Rendering 4K while working? Sometimes…


Very interesting topic and fascinating to see how other users organise their “SketchUp”.
Here is my setup for 90% of the time. I am using a non Retina 27” iMac and work professionally with SketchUp every day (interior architecture). I am left handed and use both, the Apple’s Magic Mouse and Magic trackpad - often at the same time. My dock is vertically positioned on the right hand side of my screen. I am using my Mac with “Better Touch Tool” and “Better Snap Tool” to speed things up and to organise my screen in the best possible way for the job at hand. Most days I use an iPad as a second screen. For example to look at client information or measurements, photos etc. whilst working in SketchUp. I also work with Expose and several active screens at the same time.


If there is somethingin common to all UI setups is the amount of wasted real estate. In mac this seems particularly hard to manage. I’ve wasted a lot of time trying to figure out how to minimize that and for me it should be one of the design goals even if readability, accesibility and constant model info are key for most professional work.


I mainly use keyboard shortcuts and add/remove buttons from the custom toolbar based on what I’m doing…
it changes constantly, and I often hide it as well, but is very clean in full screen mode…

I also moved the Measurement box as I prefer it there…



Additionally, I often use named colors in a modified window [ If I can do it I think SU should add the ability for all mac users… ]


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Funny I really like yours but really need to do the opposite.

I have a lot of icons I rarely use pilling up to the right and the left edges of the screen, just so I get enough space to shrink my screen and fake a way of docking the windows that I have permanently open.

I couldn’t work without layers or scenes permanently there (not scene tabs, they are a waste of space), Entity info and some others that I keep there but constantly open and close…


Dual monitor setup. On the second screen are the photo’s, text etc about the project at hand. In SketchUp the amount of icons/menus is the bare minimum;
most used commands = keypress,
often used commands = on screen menu-ruby plugin,
less used commands = menu bar.


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Here’s my 3DW profile.

Autocross Toolkit - my submission.

Here’s my SU desktop. I also run a smaller 19" monitor to the left of this that has most of the palette windows tiled up on it. This is a shot of my hobby use of SU - designing autocross courses! I also use it for architectural renderings, coupled with Kerky and Photoshop.



I only have the tools out that I use and need. And I’ve been using SketchUp for five years - which surprises me to see how simple my layout is. I do use a lot of keyboard shortcuts.


I’m a little late to the party. Here’s my typical setup. Dual screen FTW. I’m running a 42" monitor on the Left so I’ve shrunk the icon sizes to maximize work space.


@laudhi how do you get the dark grey color for toolbar and menus ??



Hi panixia,
I’m using Placebo Theme (ashtray theme) for windows 7, you can find here,

For the icons, i just edit using photoshop one by one.


thank you! i’ll give a look…


Wow, what widescreen monitor are you using? That’s amazing how much you have horizontally.


Rick, both displays are dual monitors. 27" for the work surface and a 17"
for the side bar.