Show us the way you have SketchUp set up on your computer right now



Anyone know how to get the “measurements” window stuck to the bottom info bar?


Just close it with the red “x”




Here’s mine, nothing special. Some extensions that I use often. Unfortunately it is not possible to have a dock on the left side for the icons. Also the top dock cannot be more then one row on the mac… Really annoying.




Here’s my layout, dual monitor arrangement.


My SketchUp is used for design. This is the current project - a residential remodel. Currently working on the framing details so you’ll see some extra menus. At this stage I color code my items for quick identification. The final model is then used in Layout to create plans and elevations.


Hi, I am working on a 18,4 inch ACER ASPIRE ETHOS 8950G-267161TMNSS

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PLAN34 is a 2D/3D Styling-Design-Visualisation company for urban planning, landscape architecture, infrastructural projects, racing liveries and logo’s. Specialized in complex drawing- and design projects ranging from integration of highways or organizing public space to parcelling- and redevelopment planning for residential- and business areas.



So accustomed to using shortcuts that I keep it to the bare minimum (the first steps toolbar).

It also helps when you have a small 15" laptop screen, as I like to maximize the display space.





This is a dresser I am trying to render in Sketchup. I still have top and joints to do.


Just some basic stuff, recreation of particular railroad related items, some towards 3D printing, model structure and railroad building, as well as home improvement plans and even furniture, and some illustrations.
All the best,
Charles Sloane


Mine looks like this
I always use the layout Architectural Design- Meters and millimeters, I find the millimeters layout more “flexible” - since you have more liberty to draw small things, details.
I only activated the shadows in order to make the model more comprehensible.


So you are a member of the blue men group? :wink:


I work on a 17" laptop screen, and frequently open and close the menus shown.


Tinking about sloped grounds and Sandbox.


Our work
Testing new HDRI in Vray for SketchUp Render tool