Need help creating this "game" style wood beam

here is a picture of what someone, whom i have no idea, created. I am trying to replicate this style of wood beam for another project. This is out of my realm a little bit since 95% of my work is mechanical devices.

i downloaded the model from 3d warehouse, and i dont want to copy and paste it, i want to learn to make the beam so i can make my own style as well. The fiule is to large but here is the link

Cabin | 3D Warehouse (


Lots of ways to approach this. Here’s an example using the “CurviLoft” plug in . After generating the beam you can do further manipulation to shape with the move tool.


Here’s the beam with a rough wood texture applied.


Thats a cool approach. I have never used curviloft. I have it, just never used it.

I tried just using the scale tool to pinch the wood sort of speak, or to kind of kink it. I was just usimg scale on a rectangular beam to see what it would do.

What are some other ways? Just so i have a few of them. Thanks

Another method is to just divide a standard log up into ‘pieces’ and just scale and rotate manually…I think perhaps using Fredo’s RoundCorner (or now FredoCorner) would have been better to take the sharp edges off but you get the idea.

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And another approach…… Push-Pulled my original profile and attacked it with “VertexTools” . If you wanted you could get real crazy and “quad” model it with “QuadfaceTools”. My basic understanding of modeling for games is to keep poly count low ? If that is the case these first two methods and example by eric-s should fill the bill.


thanks for the video. sorry i didnt get back to you. Had to run a pet to the vets for an overnight emergency:(

I like the idea of the segments. I am going to try these methods out and see what i come up with. My main goal is to branch, no pun intended, out into different areas of my expertise. im trying to be a bit more creative and make some fantasy style buildings and structures. Kind of relaxing in a way

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thanks, i just added vertex and quadface tools to the extension list. Low poly apparently is the idea, but this is more for creative relaxation and just to get the imagination moving. I am in a fluid mechanics class this semester and its brutal haha.

NP…Ive also found modeling low-poly scenes/assets to be a nice and fun departure from the more technical architecture fields.

See previous posts with process breakdown if interested:

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Those are awseome. I have artisan tools and eneroth fractile erode which is great for rocks and mountains.

I have made the beam, but now im trying to scale about a specific point and cant figure that out haha. It keeps scaling about some hidden geometry but i need it to scal about a point behind that haha.

Ill post pics in a bit. At autozone