Stair recreation challenge

Hi Aaron I have a bit of a question and or a challenge for you ,now Ive seen a similiar type stairs done in sketchup using curviloft (3d modeling a curved section stair using Sketchup - YouTube),However, I came across a vectorworks video
(3D Modeling in Vectorworks Fundamentals - YouTube)
@ 2:15 where they create a simuliar stais but with a slightly different presentation. Can this particular style be recreated using sketchup a curviloft? Id like to see how you would approach it. BTW I’m a big fan. Can It be created using Curivloft?

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I looked at this and see a potential danger if someone is distracted and put a foot on the sloped steps joining the two parts of the stair. Some handrails would be required but this would ruin the effect.

yeah I agree but its the atheistic and the design that’s the center of attention. I was looking for a extension in sketchup that would increase or decrease in intervals to duplicate the threads instead of the long round about way that I have found to create them, any idea if there is one that exist? All the other objects in the vectorworks idea are easily recreated in sketchup with the use of extensions with the exception of the stairs in its configuration. Cant seem to find an extension for that one.

thanks for the suggestionI’ve seen that video and replicated it accordingly. However, if you look closely the results is very different in the way the vertical parts of the stirs differ in the Curviloft sample they are not as sloped, they retain a more vertical position using Curviloft. What I’m looking for is a extension that will work like the way they produce the lower threads in the Vectorworks video (3D Modeling in Vectorworks Fundamentals - YouTube @ 3:07)