Make a clock wood applique

I have been using sketchup for years. Well versed, but I haven’t done any thing like this. Trying to learn through the whole process. Trying to draw wood applique for cutting on my CNC router. Have done some 2.5D images in the past, but drawing this one is giving me a challenge. Have watched " How to make wood carving on SketchUp [Full]" from [3dbagus] (

I am currently running 2017 desktop. Have installed Fredolib - scale, curviloft, jointpushpull, Vertex editor, Chris Fulmer Tools, Extrude tools, Solid inspector, Cleanup3d, Skinx/Ybubble.

I have the outline drawn. I am currently working at 100 times actual size of height of 4 7/8 inches. I have been working on the techniques to rollover the edges of the leaves then soap skin the inside. Not sure this is the best way. Am getting problems with the extrude intersection at the leaf point that will not cleanup with the intersect tool without having untidy edges.

Not sure I am approaching this the right way. Still have to work out the inserting of the leaf detail into the soap skin of the interior of the leaves.

large clock emblem jan29.skp (997.1 KB)

You could try using quads and SketchUp tools with the technique in the video tutorial below, but you will need some plugins. For what you see in the animated GIF, I only used SUbD, but QuadFace Tools and Vertex Tools can also help.

Just a rough example


I am trying to figure out how to draw effectively in quads. Have not found a good reference for sketchup. I could not follow all of your moves in the cad video. Trying to emulate in sketchup up. Have added Qaudtools and SubD to my plug ins. Already had vertex editor.