Woodworking drawings using sketchup

Hi gays.

Please help me in woodworking drawings using sketchup.
Did find something similar of what I’m was looking for but still no the same…

Thanks Curviloft plugin I can create faces but my biggest problem is explained in the pictures

Here is the PDF file what this woodworking router bit (or cutter) can do and this is what I spending a lot of time to do manually in sketchup.

Help.pdf (1.3 MB)

I need to find the way how apply router bit effect (like on wood) using sketchup when I need to do profile not all the way
long but sort of start point and end point.

If somebody know please help. Any video links would be very helpful…

You can make the Follow Me tool emulate a router cutter pretty closely.



Thanks very much , this very helpful, specially method using Follow me but I couldn’t done well as in the picture with Intersecting. I making mistake somewhere. Any chance to post 1 minute video about how you do Intersecting so well. I making mistake with removing unwanted geometry.

I have no idea what I’m looking at or how you arrived at that point.

How so? Why do you say that?

I’m not sure what a video would do for you as far as removing unwanted geometry. You either erase edges with the Eraser tool or select and delete edges and faces with the Delete key. If you accidentally delete something you want to keep, just hit Undo (Ctrl-Z) and try again.

Keep this in mind: when you extrude something knowing that you’re going to trim off the excess, make it extra long so it’s easier to select.

I hope you’re not expecting to do things as well on your first attempt as someone who’s been doing this for ten years. You’ve got to practice, practice, practice. There’s no other way to become proficient. Your job is to hang in and keep trying until you get it right. Do not give up.


Thanks, your answer made me spent another 2 hours in a programs developing my skills. While I was doing this I discovered something useful using Intersecting function but nothing better with my problem. One day maybe.

Thank you very much Gully_Foyle for help and comments.They are very useful.

If some one will have the time please see what I have done and where I’m making mistake.

Here is a file

Test router effect.skp (272.5 KB)

Looks to me like you are 99% there:

the path that the router bit follows; you’ve managed to attach the right hand curve to the first segment of the arc rather than the end point. (I noticed that the end points looked different and zoomed in - easier to do with a box behind it)
Fix that and I think it will all go OK.

BTW if you highlight the path you want the “bit” to follow, then click the “follow me” tool, then click the bit shape it will create the shape without having to drag the ‘bit’ around.

(Attached is my attempt at the same thing Test router effect1.skp (369.0 KB) )

I know this is an old thread but have you tried scaling up your piece before you use the follow me tool? I find that sketchup has issues with this on smaller objects. I like to scale up objects by 10 with lots of curves before I use the follow me tool then scale it back down after.