Intersect gaps with curved slope cut out

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to cut out a shape form another using the intersecting method, however, I keep getting small gaps in the intersection line.

Is there anything I can do to get rid of these gaps?


Using the free online Sketchup web app.

I would add more pics but I am limited to only one.

Most likely you need to be working at a larger scale for that. Edges too short for SketchUp to form them. You can see some missing faces after the Intersect at the top of the miter. That’s typical when edges get too short, too. Scale it up by a factor of 100 or maybe 1000 before doing the intersection. Better, use the Dave Method.

Don’t forget to erase that short little line segment sticking up at the back corner, too.

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OK, I understand what you mean. I am working in milliliters, I will scale up to meters and test again.


Using the Dave Method won’t require a change of units. Your original molding can remain at the real size you want it.

Don’t be stingy with your molding. Add a little extra before you run the Intersect operation. It’ll make it easier to select and erase the waste end of the molding afterward.

Same process in SketchUp Free.

Thank you for the help dave(How did you create that gif? really cool!), however, make the “cutting plane” a curve and try the test again

Apologies in the picture I added in the original post, it was not easy to see the curve from that angle. Please note the white part would be the shape of the bit cutting the wood.

The curve should make no difference. Unless for some reason you have used a huge number of segments in the curve.

Hello Box, Thank you for the Quick response!

OK, I did more testing. The problem was the number of segments in the curve. I recreated the object from one of the faces and changed the number of segments on the curve, and it works.

I hope this helps some else, let me know if you guys think it might have been something else.

Yes! The segment change worked! I wonder why, though…

Thanks again for the feedback guys!

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