SketchUp Make - dimensional lumber

I hope this is the correct forum. I am using SketchUp Make (not Pro). I D/L it so I could do some planning for building small projects and I wonder if SketchUp Make has any built in dimensional lumber like 2x4s, 2x6, etc. If so, How do I access them?


You might find something in the 3D Warehouse but construction lumber is dead simple to draw and you shouldn’t need someone else to make it for you. It’s a simple rectangle and a Push/Pull operation to create a board.

Thanks Dave, I know I can easily make it. My experience is with Visio where there are existing shapes for objects and I thought a similar concept might exist here.

Did you search the 3D Warehouse? Search for ‘Lumber’.

Another option is to make your own library of components in a local collection.

I did and I found something that looks good. LOL… I am such a slow bonehead I have not yet figured out how to use it. I did D/L the skp file and I inserted it into my drawing. I see all the lumber but don’t know how to use them.

Today is the first time I have used the pgm so I will likely ask a few embarrassingly dumb questions in the near future.

SketchUp is quite impressive, I will say that. Sorry I waited so long to check it out.

Would it help to have a little bit of live demo? I could do that in a little while.

Sure that would help. How do we do that?

I’ll send you a private message shortly after I get off the phone.

Okay - I just tried to get into the 3D warehouse and am prompted for a Trimble(?) ID. Wonder what Trimble is.

Trimble is the parent company of SketchUp. Sign up for an account.

Thanks Dave, I will do that. I appreciate the offer of a demo however, company just arrived and I will have to pass for the moment and request a rain check.

Thanks, Don

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OK. We’ll figure out a different time.

Hi Dave,

I’m brand new to sketchup today. Saw your kind offer of help (a live demo) to another newbie back in November 2016, and thought i’d check whether i might take you up on it!

You can read a bit more about what we are trying to accomplish in my new user introductory post, Welcome to our forums! Please introduce yourself :) - #1874 by pbacot

You may want to start here: The learning Center This is by the Sketchup team. Lots of good info.

Hi Malcolm,

Yes. I can help you out. We’ll have to set up a time. Drop me a DM by clicking on my name and then Message.

By the way, you should probably edit your post and remove your phone number.