Navigating around page in Layout - 3D Connexion space mouse in Layout?

Can I use my 3D Space Mouse to navigate around the plan page in Layout?

Is there a way to quickly and smoothly move around the page beyond using the standard mouse to move and scroll wheel to zoom in and out?

I must have missed something because moving around the page to add annotations and dimensions is wearing out my right hand and pointer finger on the scroll wheel.

My spacenavigator only lets me zoom, but you could configure it to use the buttons, matching them with shortcuts. “zoom extends”, “zoom to page”, “zoom selection” that would give you some options.

But personally, I prefer those shortcuts directly on the keyboard, since I don’t need any “orbiting” capabilities in Layout, and I’m using the Keyboard anyway for annotations.

Can’t remember, but I believe the shortcuts are not configured by default, so you need to go to edit/preferences/shortcuts and in the filter type “zoom” to see all the options.

These are the ones I use.