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Please add a hotkey to increase zoom speed with scroll wheel. Everyday using layout I am frustrated at the slow speed of the zoom in and out. Have tried all mouse settings and 3d mouse does not work either.


Sorry I missed that this thread was about layout. My bad.

I can’t test Layout on Windows, but on the off chance it’s the same as Mac, the speed of the zoom is tied to the speed at which you mousewheel. If you mousewheel quicker, the zoom should be more pronounced, even for the same amount of movement you have done.

There is also inertia. I’m not sure where the setting is for that, but in the 3D mouse product page they brag about the inertia feature. With that you can quickly mousewheel to zoom, and it should continue to zoom for a moment or two after you stop wheeling.

3D mouse works for me but isn’t any faster. The only solution for me is to use a Logitech mouse, the ones that have the steel/metal scroll wheel. With these you can flick the scroll wheel and it continues to spin in the “freewheel” mode. Both in SU and Layout, this can help enor"mouse"ly for zooming in or out.

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perhaps we need scenes?
you can attach shortcuts for ‘Zoom to page’ and ‘Zoom Extends’, perhaps also for the different levels of zoom? 25%-400%

Not the best solution, but you can also configure “zoon in” on the W key and “zoom out” on the Q key, it works so well that I have my finger less tired since then.


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@RodolfoST -This is a nice temporary fix for me; I use Q for dimensions across multiple apps, but I set ctrl+shift+Z for zoom in and ctrl+shift+X for zoom out and it is working sweetly, much faster, I tend to keep my left hand in that zone anyway with the 3d mouse nearby. So until a better solution for the scroll wheel is made manifest, I will use these shortcut keys. And next time I am in the market for a mouse, the steel wheel sounds interesting. Thanks all.

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Am interested to know why you would do a lot of zooming in Layout given that you are fixed to a certain page size. You’re not double clicking in any SU windows are you? If so, you are not using scenes in SU properly. You shouldn’t really ever double click the windows in LO as it breaks the link to the SU file.

I typically place a scene, adjust scale, vectorize, and lock the layer. A reqular arrangement is 11x17 paper with a real world model 20ft cube at 1/2"=1’ scale. Zooming is essential for precise selction/setting of dimension points, grabbing handles of objects for full control, and also, precision movement of objects is enhanced the closer you zoom in. So yes, I zoom in an out a lot. Maybe, no not maybe, my eyes are not as good as they once were :wink:


Update: @whiterabbitdesigncompany, after your comment I revisited settings and got 3D mouse working with good results, thanks!

NIce. I hope yo get to try that heavy steel scroll wheel too. It also makes scrolling through windows folders faster too.

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