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Is there a variable (such as an AutoCAD-like zoomfactor) to adjust the zoom speed from the mouse scroll wheel in LayOut? Zoom speed is fine in SketchUp itself but it’s painfully slow (and always has been tbh) in LayOut, so much so it seriously impacts on productivity. It’s like zooming through treacle.

It’s almost as if Trimble have decided for us that “you don’t need to zoom so fast around a small piece of paper so we’ll just slow you down”. If this is the case I’ll be disappointed because this approach isn’t needed in AutoCAD (which is unfortunately still far superior for tech document output) so why have it in LayOut?

[Tech spec - XPS15 9560, 7th Gen i7, 16GB RAM, 2GB Nvidia Dedicated]


Hi JuJitsoup… We do not a support a zoom factor to adjust the zoom speed in LayOut. We now support zooming to extents and had done some work to improve the scroll zoom for most cases, but we know that it will not be ideal for all situations. One thing I will do is use the zoom tool (shortcut z on Windows) and use that tool for my zooming. This way you can control the zoom speed a bit better.



Thanks, but this is baffling. I can’t understand why you’d assume it’s fine to zoom at speed with the wheel in SU but not in LayOut. Invoking the zoom command with ‘z’ is just too plain-old old-school.

This issue needs addressing because zooming and panning (as a continuous operation) with the zoom wheel in any design sowftare is pretty-much the defacto method of getting around (unless you’ve got a 3D mouse etc). This lack of zoom speed with the wheel being completely at odds with the ‘z’ shortcut zoom speed is also baffling. Why assume it’s OK to have this odd differentail in speeds. This slow-motion-like zooming also adds to the general preception of sluggishness widely held about LayOut, even if it’s not sluggish (anymore).

Surely it’s a simple fix to bring the wheel based zoom speed up to ‘z’ shortcut zoom/pan speeds and/or add in a ‘zoomfactor’ adjustable variable…here’s hoping. And also that you’ll add hatches to section fills, another huge omission.


Point well taken and an area we could certainly improve.



This is extremely frustrating


To make sure I understand this issue properly - are you saying that you would expect to zoom in/out farther for a single click of the scroll wheel on your mouse? Or are you saying that LayOut itself performs slowly when you’re zooming - that it takes a while to “catch up” after you move the scroll wheel?


Comparing 2016 to 2018:
one push of the scroll wheel in 2016 goes from 100% to 160%
one push of the scroll wheel in 2018 goes from 100% to 130%
May not seem like much on paper, but it is seriously slowing things.


Please revert the zoom to how it used to be in Layout 2016, which I’m still on 2016 and trialling 2018 now - it is noticeably slower zooming and less responsive, making for a jerky movement and difficulty in getting the right level of zoom. For me it is unusable - it gets in the way when it should be transparent - there is a lag as I start to zoom in or out which isn’t there at all on 2016. A small movement on the zoom out drops it back to 70% which isn’t what I want. I seem to recall this was the same with 2017, which was one of the reasons I didn’t upgrade to that (and I’m paying the annual fee). I’m using an Apple Mighty Mouse and a high spec iMac. I don’t click the scroll ball - it works just fine by scrolling, up to now at least.


This really is so frustrating! After using sketchup full time for 5 years I am now considering jumping to another software. This zooming issue is a real problem and seeing as at least half of my time is spent in Layout it is almost painful. I now dread using Layout each day because of the constant zooming in and out, getting hand ache and swimming through treacle.
Sketchup - Great
Layout - Shocking! to the point of being unusable.
Using a key shortcut is NOT a workaround. Please, please, please sort out this before I reluctantly jump ship.


I have to agree the wheel mouse zoom factor is a very disappointing ‘enhancement’ this release. Sometimes it really feels like Layout is doing it’s best to make things difficult.


I would absolutely concur. Zooming / panning is slow in Layout.
Sketchup ‘feels’ fast
Layout ‘feels’ slow


This is really frustrating. Not only Zoom, but Pam, are very slow. This makes the job extremely tiring. Better continue using previous versions.


I have also upgraded to 2018. I use a Mac with a Wacom tablet for most of my drawing functions using shortcuts on a key pad for tools. Pan and Zoom in Layout have gone downhill a real pain with slow response and sudden jumps. Sketchup working fine.


Yep, the mouse wheel zoom is unbearable and the zoom tool is equally bad. Here’s a workaround I use. Apply a shortcut key to ‘Zoom in’ and another to ‘Zoom out’. Works much faster. And one of my hands is always on the keyboard anyway, so works for me.


@Trimble @SketchUpTeam Has there been any progress on this in the form of an urgent update? I’ve not heard or seen anything on this and I’m still exporting models to AutoCAD such is the terrible slow zoom/pan issue with LayOut. I was hoping you guys would rush something through to solve the issue and possibly even add a level adjustability (zoomscalefactor) to the zoom speed. As it stand LayOut is effectively unusable. i.e. not fit for intended purpose.

It looks as if the direction of travel for SketchUp is to become a place where we can do all of our conceptual and construction/detailed working in place of using AutoCAD as well and for me personally this is where I want to be. It’s a positive step. But there are some fundamentals that need sorting before this can even be considered and making current LayOut work lighting quick is the first one.


Need the zoom speed fixed please. Really frustrating and effecting efficiency… +1


I found a work around for this frustrating issue.

X-Mouse Button Control > Make new profile for Layout > Scroll tab > Advanced Window Scrolling > Scroll Method = Method 1 > Vertical Lines = 8.


Note: This effect the zooming in a view port :(. To work around this, mess with the vertical lines, and push CTRL while scrolling to slow it down as well.


Ditto, this is frustrating everyday

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