Zoom Window command on a Mac in SU

I apologize if this is covered elsewhere, but…

On my Mac I zoom in and out using the scroll wheel, but this is not accurate and I often find myself overzooming in or out. I know that there is a “Zoom Window” command for PC users. I think it comes up in a right click context menu, but that menu does not appear on my Mac.

Is there some way to get a zoom window on the Mac?
Am I missing something?

Zoom Selection is available in the Context menu when you right click on a selected entity. Zoom Window should be available in the Camera menu or you should be able to access it in the Large Toolset or by keyboard shortcut. If you don’t want to have the Large Toolset displayed, you could drag the tool to the top tool palette area in Customize…


As usual you are correct. Thank you very much.

Is there a similar Zoom Window command for LayOut?

No. There are a variety of zoom options in LayOut but not Zoom to Window.



I would not care, and the scroll wheel would be fine, if it was not so slow. I had hoped for a window zoom option because at least I could zoom out farther than needed and get to zoom in to exactly what I need to see in detail. This is often an issue in dimensioning and in editing individual items in groups.

Do you have any ideas to make zooming in and out faster and more precise?

What version of LayOut are you using? They improved zoom speed and there’s a Scroll Speed setting for adjusting it in Preferences. There are a couple of things you could do to help, too. First, leave rendering set to Raster while you work and don’t display textures from your SketchUp model while you are working. Temporarily set the face style to Hidden Line for your scenes until you’ve finished setting up the document. Then when you are ready to finalize it, go to SketchUp and change the style as needed for the scenes, save the file and update the SketchUp reference in LO. It’ll be important that you haven’t been modifying scenes in LayOut but I think you and I have worked through that already.

I am still using 18. I can upgrade, but haven’t gotten to it. Is this my reason to upgrade now. I don’t see a scroll speed setting in Preferences.

I tried the other things you suggest, and they help a bit, but the cabinet I am detailing now has 7 scenes, which is a bit cumbersome.

You are correct, I learned long ago the cost of changing a scene once it is inserted into LO. It happens sometimes for good reason, but not casually.

Thanks again for your advice.

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Do you mean in LO2018? That was added in 2019.

What’s cumbersome about working with the seven scenes? If you want to change the style for all of them and they currently use the same style, just edit the style and update it.

I’m not saying you don’t have a good reason for modifying scenes in LayOut but having used it since the first release, I haven’t found any need to modify them that would outweigh the problems doing so can create.

So this is my reason to install 2019.

I had not thought about simply changing the style. I was going into each scene and changing the applied style. Your idea is much faster and easier.

I never modify scenes in LO. I always go back to SU make the change and update the model reference. We agree on that. I meant I try hard not to alter scenes even in SU that are already referenced in LO, because it will effect the result in LO. Particularly I try to avoid change the camera location as it causes problems with my notes and dimensions.

I see. Labels should remain attached to the model as should dimensions however the text boxes won’t move so you would probably have to move the text. Good for learning to plan ahead. :wink:

True, but sometimes the results are not pleasing, and require revisions in LO

Are you adding dimensions and labels in SketchUp or LayOut?

only in LO.

I have never liked the SU dimensions or lables.

A-505 Miller Closet Bill.pdf (673.2 KB) Closet Bill.skp (835.9 KB)

I uploaded the pdf and the SU file, but the LO is too large.

Nice work.