Layout 2019 on Mac Zooming



I’ve just downloaded and tried Sketchup 2019, specifically Layout 2019, to see if it fixes the zooming issue that I suffer with on a powerful new iMac with OS Mojave.

Disappointingly, it makes no difference. Still unbearably slow, laggy, jumpy zooming. Makes no difference where the Scroll wheel preference is set.

Anyway, I’d be interested to hear if any other Mac users, using Sketchup under OS Mojave, experiece this.

At the moment it is 2018 for me, with Layout on my 2015 MacBook Pro, under High Sierra.



Hi Michael-

I’m going to link to my reply in the other thread…

Also, it would be useful if you can share your files with the LayOut team - it’s useful to have real-world files for testing purposes.



In Document Setup/Paper, you can set different qualities for display and output. Also under the SketchUp Model panel you can set render to raster. Both things will make working on the document less attractive, but the prints and exports you do would still be high quality.

I tried a test, and the range isn’t as much as I hoped. But in my test case zooming became about 4X smoother.


Hi Mike,

Just to repeat what Marc said, we - the development team - are painfully aware of the poor performance that LayOut exhibits when panning and zooming in certain documents (especially if you have a vector rendered viewport or are editing a group). Please know that this area is a priority for us to address in the near term.



That sir, is excellent news!


I agree with @bifterx that is good news!

Just hope it is sooner rather than later.