2020 LayOut poor performance

Just upgraded to Sketchup 2020 Pro and Layout
Layout is unbelievably slow. 2019 was slow, but this is horrendous.
You have to fix this or I will go back to 19, unable to work efficently, takes too much time to set up viewports.
I don’t have this issue with Revit or autocad or any of the other software I run from time to time.


Perhaps you should give us more information…?

I’ve also just upgraded and I think, for me, there is a perceptible increase in performance.

Certainly I’ll be renewing my M&S.

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I don’t have performance issues- Just one or two minor bugs so far. Pretty cool overall.

I installed 40GB of memory
run Nvidia GT 730 card
Inserting or modifying a scene tab can take several minutes
Been using sketchup over 10 years, started using Layout about a year ago.
I turned rending down to low on the setup paper
While 2019 was slow, it wasn’t that bad. 2020 Sketchup was a little slower when I installed it, but not that much. Started Layout last night to finalize a project for work and its slowwwwwwwwwww. I work in photo style in sketchup without materials except for perspective view.
I am certainly not a Layout experience user, but I use several software programs, and it is very noticeablely slower.
I will keep looking but I have noticed the designs I have in 2019 are much faster loading than in sketchup 2020,
I purge unused before I start layout, always turn off layers not being used in sketchup, and most everything is components

Maybe its sketchup 2020, do I have something not set up correctly? I started using Outliner, which is awesome, but that is really the only change in using sketchup that I can think of
I am getting a lot of layout not responding much more than before
I just did an update view port, opened up task master, layout using 38% out of 40% usage on CPU, and 27% of memory? that seems really high to me.
running Quad i5-7400 cpu@3.0 GHZ

According to the various benchmark sites, this old (mid-2014) graphics card is fairly low performing by today’s standards. since SketchUp and LayOut heavily rely on the graphics card, its performance is important. This could be the reason you are seeing the slow performance.

My experience with LO2020 mirrors Paul’s I find it even faster than LO2019.

Just checking- Did you point your graphics card at SketchUp and LayOut? I know I had to do this initially when I bought a PC with Nvidia card for the first time…

what does point your graphic card toward sketchup mean???

Never heard of that before.

OK, I hadn’t heard of it before I had to do it myself and I can’t remember who advised me on it. Basically you have to open the Nvidia console on your PC. It’s a piece of software that you should find on your machine, or if you don’t have it you’ll need to download and install it. When you open it up it will give you options regarding which software to tell the Nvidia processor to interact with.

You should be able to browse for the Sketchup.exe file (as far as I remember) and select it.

I think this link should help: NVidia control panel.

Thanks alot, never knew about those settings.
It did speed up some but it is taking 45-60 seconds to refresh the view ports. I think I need to look at upgrading the video card.

I’ve heard of incompatible clock speeds regarding RAM and the CPU. That might be the issue you’re talking about but it’s beyond my grade. Hope you get the right advice on it.

I have run into the same issues with Layout 2020 operating significantly slower than the same files in layout 2019. Namely resizing windows, a refresh takes anywhere from 20-45 seconds, where 2019 was less than 5.

Is there some performance setting that I can toggle off? The Sketchup model scene is currently an orthographic plan view with the hidden line style, and in layout the viewport is displayed as hybrid (raster and vector dont seem to be much faster if at all).

Well, I am sorry to hear that, but I am glad I wasn’t the only one. I suspect we will need to upgrade our graphic cards. I have tried all the suggestions, but to no avail. Marginally quicker, but really totally unacceptable for someone who makes a living in sketchup and Layout.
I am researching graphic cards, looking at Nividia gtx 1660 super very hard.

you will hopefully see a big performance step with the latest gen GTX/RTX cards

My current setup has a 16-core 3.2 GHz Xeon (E5-1660) CPU with an RTX Quadro 4000 (8gb) it can handle most all 3d tasks I throw at it (modeling/animation/rendering); I’ve also seen Layout 2020 run on another machine with a GTX 1080, they are both unbelievably slow. Even though the improvements in 2020 are nice (tags etc), the performance is overshadowed by the drag on efficiency and speed.

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Hi did you try to change color setting of the graphic card? For some misterious reasons it change the deal for some machine.

I am still mystified why some people don’t. I lately bought a new computer with a RTX card and it definitely was for me a big performance jump but I think I háve seen here several users with similar setups to mine that have been severely disappointed. It must be something in their setup, but what?

I would urge everyone experiencing these problems to post the results they get when taking the test posted in

I have been experiencing the same issues with Layout to the point of it being completely unusable. I too have built my business on this software so this is a HUGE issue for me at present

my graphics card is a
Radeon Pro 560X 4 GB

Intel UHD Graphics 630 1536 MB does anyone know if this is sufficient or should be sufficient.

I am working off a macbook pro and use 2 external monitors. The issues seem to flair up when I am working on the two monitors (which I have worked on for years in the older versions of SKP) but now it’s not even working when using my laptop screen.


Well, I noticed a pretty good improvement by maximizing computer performance, and max performance my video card. Its still slow but manageable for now.
I will be ordering a new graphics card soon.

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I am experiencing also heavy lag of response when utilizing the dimensioning tool in layout 2020.

My hardware is very fast:

  • rtx 2080 super with latest driver 442.19
  • i7-9700f

my colleague has a similar powerful machine and experiences the same problem.
this is a very big issue for us as we are using layout in our daily work for hours.

any idea? until this is fixed we will keep on using su2019 which is really sad…

thanks in advance!


All files, or one specific?