Speed of Layout

I have noticed that the speed you can do things in LO 2019 seems to have slowed down. Is this just because new demands are being made on an ageing Mac (iMac (21.5-inch, Late 2012))?

It is especially noticeable when typing. The words appear with a significant time lag behind typing speed. This video may show what I mean:

I would be tempted to put it down to old age. I see my MacBook (2009) behaving similarly. I’m not seeing any slowdown on my newer machines and in fact it’s very fast.

Had a nasty feeling that would be it! Also swopping between SU and LO can be painfully slow when you are in editing mode.

I guess I’ll have to raid the coffers again.

I have installed SU2019 on my geriatric Mac but I only use it for testing things and checking on differences between platforms. It runs so slowly, though, I don’t think I’d bother to really model on it anymore.

I run v19 on my 2007 iMac and it’s not too bad…

I did however upgrade to a 480 GB Solid State SATA Drive a couple of years ago, which was the best couple of hundred quid i have ever spent on a mac…


@DaveR If I am going to upgrade, the easiest thing would be to buy a newer iMac similar to my current one. However, I think I could use my current iMac as a monitor driven by a Mac Mini. Do you happen to know whether that makes any sense or is it just an unnecessary complication (possibly with unforeseen consequences)?

Is that an external drive that the iMac makes use of instead of its own internal HD?

No it’s internal, replacement for the old 1 TB drive that imploded…

a full service/clean and replacement by a local mac specialist…


Well if you run 2019 on a 12 year old Mac I must surely be able to run it on a 6 year old one!

I have a Fusion drive in my Mac (apparently). Don’t know if that is solid state or not. I have tried using solid state SSD cards as backup storage but whatever external drive I connect to my computer always seem to die after a few months. I have a cupboard full of them!

This is what my Mac tells me I have. Is that what you would replace? I don’t know of any problems with mine.


I don’t know if you can run the iMac display with a Mac Mini. John might. One concern is the graphics hardware in the Mac Mini. I haven’t looked recently at options but that would be a consideration.

I think you can run certain iMacs as monitors and that mine is one of them. The Mac Mini graphics card is an Intel UHD Graphics 630. @john_drivenupthewall?

Intel graphics haven’t had a good track record for OpenGL support although the majority of problems have been reported by Windows users. Personally I’ve seen enough reports of problems with them that I’d be reluctant to buy any computer that relied on it, PC or Mac.

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Well at least that sorts that out: Mac Mini not an option However, I see that the base iMac also uses an Intel graphics card now. You have to upgrade to a Retina display to get a Radeon card. My current machine has an nVidia card and that has always performed well.

Yeah. That’s why I bought the MBP when I did. It has an Nvidia card which has always been good. The fact they don’t offer Nvidia GPUs now is why I ended up replacing my MBP with a PC laptop for my roaming machine.

A Fusion drive is a combination of a solid state drive (SSD) and a spinning hard disk drive (HDD) in one package. The goal is a middle price point with much of the speed of SSD and much of the capacity of HDD.

You learn something new each day!

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not old age. I have the same issue in 2018.
I can type a whole sentence then sit back and wait for it to catch up.
I don’t even bother to try any more, I type my notes in pages and then cut and paste.

I’ve got a i7 8700k at 3.6Ghz an 64Gb of memory.:frowning_face:

Curiouser and curiouser.

Am beginning to suspect there may be no known answer to this. It’s useful to know because I would be seriously miffed if I went out and spent a shedload of money on a new iMac only to find there was no improvement. And with a different graphics card, it might actually be a retrograde step.

What’s a poor numbskull to do?

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Does this happen with all your LO documents, even a new blank one?

Does setting Display Resolution to Low in Document Setup help at all?

Is the view you are typing on set to Raster, Vector or Hybrid rendering?

Has your choice of font any effect?

(it seems I have no answers, just questions)

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its particularly bad adding a label. there is still a delay when just adding text to text box but not as pronounced.
display res makes no difference, raster seems to be slightly better but still delay.
font makes no difference.
blank doc super quick.