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So, Sketchup 2019 is here. Seems interesting, although I have a few questions;

  1. I have an active Maintenance running which in theory means I get an upgrade to 2019. However, from what I read, am I correct saying that this will only be to 2019 Classic? If I want to change to the subscription, do I have to also pay the additional fee now, or will that be due in another years time, at the time when my normal Maintenance fee would be due?

  2. I can’t seem to find any detailed information on the new version.

  3. The $64000 question… has the UI in Layout been improved, most importantly the zoom speed, on Macs? Has anyone tried this on a Mac yet, under OS Mojave?

Many thanks


From the release notes:



I don’t think it was the mouse wheel scroll speed. It’s more to do with the painful lag when zooming in Layout.


Zooming in LayOut has gotten much faster.


On my Mac, LayOut’s performance has not improved. No change zooming with me. Still quite laggy for drawing, particularly within a group.

It’s a shame - LayOut’s performance is the thing that slows me down more than anything with my workflow.

Looking back at all of the releases of SketchUp, I remember that the ones I was truly excited by were the ones where performance was improved. Do you remember:

  • when shadow rendering was massively speeded up
  • when LayOut finally became usable and not ridiculously laggy

Personally, I was generally more excited by new extensions that did things.

Have you tried adjusting the Scroll speed?

I don’t think they fully figured it out themselves. Having to pay full subscription, not taking into account existing licenses, will be a very bad news for many users. So - let’s wait to see what we will be offered.

Mmmmmm, think I’ll give it a miss then, for the time being.

This was the only change I wanted, for the zooming in Layout to be improved. Think I’ll stick with 2018 for the time being, then review it in 6 Months.


Mike, it doesn’t seem like TommyK actually explored the Scroll speed option. Even on my ancient old MacBook Pro I see an improvement in zoom speed and like that I can control just how fast it is.

Hi @DaveR

I guess I’m just dubious about taking the risk of changing it on my new iMac.

What has always bothered me is this;

MacBook Pro 2015, 16GB RAM GPU Intel Iris Pro 1.5GB, i7 2.2GHz, OS High Sierra: Layout works and zooms ok

2018 iMac, i7 4.2GHz, 40GB RAM 4GB AMD Radeon GPU, OS Mojave: Layout zooming slower than a dead snail. Very VERY Laggy when trying to zoom. Even when I spin the Logitech Mouse wheel at full whack.

Never understood this, and at the moment, I model on either MacBook Pro or iMac, then use MacBook Pro for Layout.

I guess I just want to see more feedback from Mac Users, especially the ones who have the same problems as me.


Why not try it for yourself? You don’t have to uninstall 2018. They each install separately so you can try out 2019. See for yourself if you see any improvement and go from there. If you decide it’s not there, you can always uninstall 2019 and continue on with 2018 as you currently are.

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True. That’s an option.

Just install SU2019. Then open one of your sluggish LO files in LayOut and see what you get. Don’t save any changes and if you decide against it, you’re not out anything but a few minutes of your time. This one is an easy one to test. Remember you can adjust the scroll speed in Preferences>General.

I’m assuming I select the ‘Classic’ 2019?

Right. Classic. That’s what your current SU2018 license would be called if they’d called it anything.

Apologies for being a pain, but all I can see is ‘Subscribe’ buttons for Sketchup Pro.

Use this link:

OK, so done, and absolutely no difference.

Does not matter where I set the scroll speed. Exactly the same. Scroll the wheel, then wait for Layout to catchup, very slowly and very jumpy. And that is on a 6MB Layout File, with 1 page.

Hmmm… I can’t explain why you and I have had different experiences other than to say it must be something different with the hardware.

Trust me nor can I.

I can not even explain why my older MacBook Pro is fine, with High Sierra, and a brand spanking new much more powerful iMac is different.