Screen Update Goes bye-bye

There are times within layout where the screen will just refuse to refresh anything that you are doing until you zoom and then it only updates 1 “frame”. If you click on an element, it is selected but you do not see it is selected until you zoom 1 tick. Literally anything you do, you need to zoom 1 tick to see it happen. Impossible to work like that when trying to move something into a specific position or scale etc… I can make a video to show this if you feel like it would help better explain. Not sure what triggers this but certainly it needs some TLC.

What you describe has affected Mac users more than Windows users, but I have heard of a few cases for Windows too.

I wrote this about the problem two months ago:

I am using a Mac and currently experiencing this problem. Having to quit/restart Layout or zoom to see edits is so disrupting to the workflow, that the program is not usable.

Is this related to Layout 2020 only? If so, how would one downgrade to Layout 2019? Is this a Mac only problem?

You reported on this two months ago. For me, this is a critical problem. Can you provide an estimate on when this problem might be resolved?

Thanks …

I love that you all are working on and it and absolutely appreciate a work-around. However I am a huge believer that I shouldn’t have to change settings environment wide to accommodate any one set of software. Please do not get me wrong, I mean ANY software, I’m such a sketchup fanboy that I almost had tears streaming down my face opening up this post /s. I changed my mouse scroll settings, I had no interia setting and we will see how things go until you Yoda’s have figured it out.

Yes, it’s a new issue for 2020, it appears to be a combination of input device actions, that are more common on Mac. You have a subscription, you can install and run 2019 for now. 2020 will still work, you could Save As your work files to 2019, and work on them in 2019.

I hope to be able to give an update about the issue soon, but I can’t tell you how soon.

Downgrading to Layout 2019 brings it’s own set of disruptive issues. :pensive:

I have spent time and money changing out mice/settings, trying your suggestions. I thought for awhile that the problem was unique to my configuration.

If you search the forum (layout freeze), there is a long list of reports. I realize that not all of these are related to this issue. There is significant confusion about the issue. Would it not make sense to make a community wide statement about this issue?

I am assuming to downgrade Layout to 2019, that SketchUp will also be downgraded, is that true?

99.99% sure Layout 2019 will not allow a sketchup 2020 to embed Sir.

Are you using a Mac? I thought that Eneroth’s extension (Open Newer Version) might save the day, but it appears only usable on Windows.

If it was a classic license and I downgraded the 2020 license, then yes, you wouldn’t be able to activate 2020 for now. But, it’s a subscription, and you can have both of them running at the same time.

Pretty sure you are right, but you will have done a save as to 2019. I’m curious now what it does with embedded models, but if you have to you could save as 2019 on the SKP files as well, and relink them.

The open newer version is Windows only, and is just for SketchUp, not LayOut.

Because of the “freezing” problem with Layout 2020, I was forced to downgrade to 2019. I have not experienced this problem with Layout 2019.

When I read the 2020.2 release notes for Layout, I did not see any mention of this problem. I am guessing it was not affecting a significant population of Layout 2020 Mac and Windows users. But for those of us that it did affect, it resulted in Layout 2020 being unusable.

Before I go through the upgrade process again, can you provide feedback on whether this problem has been resolved in 2020.2? If you receive positive feedback from those customers that experienced this issue, this would assist my decision for the 2nd upgrade attempt.

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There is one release note that does mention this problem:

(Mac) Fixed an issue where the active view could appear frozen when using a combination of a trackpad zoom and mouse pan. This would require zooming out to refresh the window.

It does mention Mac specifically, however the issue could also appear on Windows. We believe this issue has been resolved for the 2020.2 release. Please let us know if you still encounter this issue, and sorry for the trouble this has caused you.


Hi Adam,
I did notice this entry in:

LayOut Release Notes

Bug fixes / small features added


But, since it did not correspond to my configuration, I dismissed the entry. My Mac has a Logitech MX Master 2S mouse. No Apple track pad or magic mouse. Using the same Logitech mouse and Layout file, the 2019 Layout program did not display the “freeze” symptoms. The behavior was very repeatable, the only variable was how long before the symptoms happened. Trying a mixture of new-old-simple-complex files, it might be a few minutes (1-5) or be delayed for 15 minutes. For my case, only closing the program, could be used as a workaround. I did notice that on restart, all the invisible queued up mouse clicks (edits, etc.) that did not produce any noticeable response, were present on restart, resulting at times in chaos.

I hope @SebastianS will upgrade and provide feedback. I will also monitor feedback from other customers with similar problems before I upgrade again. It is easy to forget SU/LO are both great programs, and focus on the rough patches along the way. But I remain hopeful. :grinning:

Thank you for following up …

I have just activated my new subscription and downloaded v.2020.2 (Mac version) and the first problem I encountered in Layout was a lag in trackpad operation when zoomed in close - seems OK when not zoomed but as soon as you go past a certain point the brakes seem to be applied - after a number of minutes all the mouse commands catch up but by then I have dozed off or forgotten what I was doing! So I suspect that the new release has not fixed the problem or is it my computer configuration? I still have v.2020.1 on classic licence so will check if it has the same issue on the same file.

This is unfortunately known behavior on mac. This is due to “helpful” behavior in Cocoa, which is what we use to draw the LayOut page. Likely what you’ll see is a hitch in drawing when you pan around initially, but then it will become smooth. The duration of the hitch depends on the complexity of the page you are looking at. This is an issue that I’ve unsuccessfully looked at for a while attempting to find a solution that works for LayOut. I am continuing to work on a solution for this but I cannot tell you when this will be fixed.

Sorry for the inconvenience,