Layout is unusable with Mac

I am am trying to use Layout with a 2011 Mac running High Sierra but after some time working, operations become unusable. The problem seems to be with the representation of each task I try. I can select an entity for example but the have to zoom in or out to show it highlighted. If I restart the problem goes away temporarily.

Do I need a newer machine or OS? Is there some simple fix that I am not aware of?

Until recently, I was running SU/LO on a late 2012 iMac. LO worked as well (or as badly, depending on your POV) as one could expect. I put off upgrading until a few weeks ago and now have a much faster current iMac. Doesn’t make much difference to LO but it does to SU.

There are many, many posts on this forum about how slow LO is. AS models get larger and more complex, the problem is likely to get progressively worse. i am sure the Trimble developers must be well aware of the issues. One can only hope that they are working on the matter (and maybe not spending it all on Live Components!).



We had an issue that occurred mostly when using trackpads, but could crop up in other situations as well. This issue results in the state you describe; your actions don’t appear to take effect until you zoom. Please install the latest version of LO (2020.2.171), as the issue should be fixed in that version.

Sorry for the inconvenience,

Switching from the Magic Mouse to the Logi MX3 mouse made a difference for me. Also, turn off any smoothing or animation applied to cursor movement – Layout doesn’t seem to like that. What made the most difference for me was project organization. It seems the program is fussy in that area. Search the forum here, lots has been written. Check out the book: The Sketchup Workflow For Architecture, by Brightman. His method is popular with the more experienced people on this forum. I’m not saying I’m happy with the current Layout performance, but the latest upgrade made a difference, and now, at least, I feel it is useable.

It’s sad testimony that “useable” is all we get from this program that has so much (as yet) unrealized potential!
I second Simon’s comment: I hope that improving LayOut doesn’t take a back seat to new developments like Live Components (as neat as they are).

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Hi Adam,


I am working on the latest version of SketchUp Pro Version 20.2.171 on my Mac, MacOS Mojave Version 10.14.6. I was using Layout yesterday and it was working fine, however today I cannot open any of my Layout files. The application opens fine, but when I select a file to open it just hangs and crashes. I have rebooted my Mac, to no avail.

Is this a known issue that is being fixed?

This is a known issue that should be fixed in our next release.

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Thanks Adam. When is the next release?

I am not sure of the final release date and even if I was, I am unfortunately not allowed to state publicly or privately when that release date would be.


Are there any work arounds I can use to keep working??? I have tried to open older versions, to see if I can work in those, Version 20.0 doesn’t seem to work properly and Version 19.0 doesn’t work full stop.

This is the installer for 2020.1. It had its own issues, but doesn’t have the new crashing issue. You could open a file in 2020.1, repair any missing references, then see if it opens in 2020.2 ok.

You can keep the 2020.2 folder around, just rename it before dragging in the same named 2020.1 folder.

Seems like not being able to open any LayOut files qualifies as a wee bit more than just a “known issue”! I think this constitutes a broken program! Imagine having to wait for the “next release” (which has no published or announced date) just to be able to work!
Trimble needs to give Adam the budget and personnel to do whatever it takes to transform LayOut into the modern, efficient 2D drafting and presentation tool that we expect and SketchUp so richly deserves!
Given how great SketchUp is, Trimble should be embarrassed by LayOut’s poor performance, it significantly drags down the image and utility of the overall package.