Scroll wheel operation

I am just re-posting something I posted originally in April 2019 about how the scroll wheel works (or not) in Layout.

Wondering if this huge issue has been corrected in Pro 2023…

I have a terrible time zooming in / out with my mouse scroll wheel. I’m using a Logitech vertical mouse, but this issue has been the same no matter the mouse I use, or year / version of SU Pro (2020 Pro at present). The scroll wheel zooming is very erratic. If I scroll too fast in or out, I can be way too close in or the page zooms out so that the model linked image is the size of a postage stamp. I’m trying to dimension a large home, and at 1/4" / FT, I need to zoom in to pick a point, then zoom out, then back in on the next point to get the dimension. I find I have to zoom in/out in/out to finally get it to the view I need, as the view just jumps in and out with the scroll wheel. I try to pan midway through a dimension operation (instead of zoom), but the hand / pan tool will not release back to the dimension tool, even though the dimension tool is still showing as selected in the tool bar; the dimension tool simply does not return unless I select it from the toolbar, at which point I’m starting all over.

This is not only very time consuming, but frustrating as well. Dimensioning takes twice as long as it should.

I’m on an iMac. Has anyone found a way to make this operate in an acceptable manner?

The whole Sketchup / Layout use and flow is so maddening. There isn’t anything I can’t do in SU/LO, I just can’t do it easily as it seems I have to constantly fight the application short comings. And if it weren’t for the plug in developers, SU would have passed on a long time ago. I’ve never used any other 3D software, so maybe they’re all as clunky.

This is probably not much help - I also use a Logitech Vertical mouse and have no zooming issues in Layout.

I’m on Windows.

Ya, I’ve read elsewhere it’s a Mac only issue. Just not feelin’ the love from Trimble

Do you have the mouse drivers installed? Just thinking out loud.

just tried that. thanks for the suggestion, but no, didn’t help

As a Mac user, I nearly scratched my eyes out over this issue.

First question…do you use keyboard shortcuts?

if so, check out this post…it will give you the level up you need. It just by-passes the funkiness of Layout entirely.

That’s actually a workable solution. I think I can use zoom extents and zoom selection in concert to save all the trouble with scrolling, or most of it anyway.

It’s beyond ludicrous that this layout scroll wheel issue still persists after at least a decade of it giving me grief. I can’t imagine there’s a Mac user of LO that this doesn’t affect. Sketchup / Layout, on the Mac anyway, can’t speak for Windows, just lacks the spit and polish that you’d expect from a professional level product. Just a shame.

Thanks for that, Keith!

I’ve been using the Logitech MX Anywhere 3 for Mac mouse for about 9 months now and have been really pleased with it. With the Logi Options+ software, you can program specifics for individual programs which switch on the fly. For Layout I have the scroll wheel at 10%, and that works just fine. For SketchUp it switches to 80%. That said, I used the Mighty Mouse and Magic Mouse prior to that and didn’t have any speed scrolling issues, but the Logi is a far better experience in all respects. The scroll wheel is really nicely engineered.

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I will check this out. Thanks for the info